Bleach or Comet 2536957

Bleach or Comet 2536957


I had it in my cart, then I had the reminder it has been less than 31 days. Bummer

99% left and still missed it. i was so fast too. dang

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I remember looking at woot when they were new (2004?). They did their first ever bag of crap and it was up for most of the day if not all day. I remember thinking that there is no way I’m going to give my credit card info to such an obvious scam site. Fast forward a couple of weeks/months and I was buying my first bag of crap in BOC #2.


Ahhhh! I managed to get one! It has been a hot minute since my last BOC.

That didn’t even last 45 seconds.

It was over too quick for me to even think of a “that was too quick” joke!

In at 99% and still VOP, wtf else can I do

That was the fastest I’ve ever gotten through with one! Can’t wait for the disappointment!

the VOP is laughing at me.

After years of trying, Finally my first BOC! Went right to my cart and checked out in record time.


Congratulations and condolences!


the disappointment always far outweighs the amount of time/effort we put into this, yet, here we all are.


so what do you guys do, refresh the forum topics page until it comes up and click through as fast as you can? god knows trying to refresh the clearance page never refreshes in time.

After ending up in the vestible every single time after the last woot off without getting a BOC this time it went straight through to “confirm order”! Yay - now I can enjoy the rest of the WOOTOFF and don’t have to be on constant high alert.

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Yay crap! :w_boc:

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still in vop lol

Me, too. I have nothing else going on so no point in closing the tab. :grin:

I left the app open just like this, waited for the bar to go down then click add to cart as soon as it refreshed

Watch the main page under daily deals. :wink: