Bleeding Heart Liberal or Wingnut Conservative

Actually where I’m from if you wear partisan clothing to the polls, they ask you to remove the clothing or cover it up.

So, I wore Stop Motion (the little turtle) to the polls today. No issue, but a nice eldery woman poll worker told me she thought my shirt was cute.

Please, if you ladies (and men who are harassed for your sexual orientation or race) have it as bad as the women on the videos I linked do, E.G. people grabbing you, pulling you, touching your body, touching your face, or even verbal assault, I urge you to go to the police, government, any one who you feel will listen without discrimination. Things won’t change if people don’t make the first step to change them. You do not need to be embarrassed about it. I have never encountered it, so I have no way to change it… (cat-calls, yes… physical grabbing, no)

But dea, eneref, etc. if you are being touched… help stop it. Here’s a good resource to go to, for sexual harassment. Like one of the ladies on the video said… even a naked prostitute on the street has a right to say who can and cannot touch her. And if you see it happen, get proof of it through pictures or video… that can cause a media storm, and rally people on your side. That’s one thing I like about this country, we have laws against this kind of stuff.

You wooters are in my thoughts…

what is the right color? :wink:

oh hell yeah bro, RON PAUL 2012:)

James Carvillle is that you?

"Here’s a tip: you should be selling your Thanksgiving-related designs RIGHT NOW.

You should have been selling these around mid-October. "

They were too busy cranking out (also) late Halloween shirts…lol!

Hmmm @5pm PST - the two “hottest” states for this shirt are Minnesota, where I was raised and Washington, where I now call home.

Prediction - If Al Franken pulls it out in Minnesota, it will be a Democratic Landslide across the country. If Pennsylvania goes Obama, it’s a lock.

I’m in for a blue shirt.

I think the conservative one is funnier, but I’m a liberal.

Anyways, they’re both amazing.

The one that is the same as your own. :frowning:

It’s true. Personally, I carry a color chart with me to make the color matching easier (it’s very difficult being mixed race). :slight_smile:

Hmm… It’s rather hard to find someone with as many freckles as I have. I better break the news to my husband that he isn’t the right color.

THAT is an excellent response!

Yours was cute too. I like how we both immediately thought that comment needed a humorous response.

One more comment in re: “Hey woot, great shirts… to have sold 3 weeks ago”

i voted for McCain and then for Al Franken… what does that make me? lol


Well apparently all you can do it rattle off a bunch of liberal propaganda. Why don’t you come back when you have an original thought in that hollow head of yours.

Give me an O!

O…h, NO!