Bleeding Heart Liberal or Wingnut Conservative



hee hee, so true. Um, the high post count is because I was terribly addicted to the derby forums for awhile. It really racks the suckers up.

I think the liberal shirt is the better of the two on here, the phrase is much more common, and it is easier to get the meaning from the picture.

If only the world could get along like we Woot-ers do :slight_smile:

Wow, the state stats are interesting tonight. And I wore my Bigfoot/Nessie 08 shirt today. :slight_smile:
Remember, everyone, if you haven’t done early voting, go vote. I think polls open at 7am and will close at 7pm (at least here in Dallas).

Bleeding heart liberal oh yea!

actually, if you wear any political clothing, indicating a party, a candidate… and maybe even something stating where you stand on the political spectrum, they won’t let you in. as this might influence others who are voting.

kind of dumb, but I can see it getting out of hand if they didn’t do it.

Depends on where you are. In Florida, you can wear your favorite party’s shirts and buttons to the polls, but you can’t pass out materials like fliers and things. :slight_smile:

I would also have expected there to be more liberals than conservatives on this site. Maybe conservatives are louder? :slight_smile:

Happy Election day everyone!

Woot likes to sell shirts about the “theme” of the day on that particular day. They do not care about you wearing this shirt to the polls. Someone is just going to get punched in the face. So, all you bleeding heart liberals stop complaining. This shirt does not show much to be proud about. Put your I voted sticker on, and smile. That is all that matters. There are 364 other days in the year that you can wear this shirt.

Actually, I was saying my post count is higher (over 3,000) so I obviously have a posting addiction. lol!

Wooters are getting along now, but I predict this thread will turn into a debate, so I should probably sneak out soon before I get caught up in it…

it actually depends on the state

hell ya!

Hmm wonder if those Okies are red or blue??? Let me know so I know who my fellow wooters are here in OKlahoma!!!

I don’t want to hear the word Maverick for a long time!

But i still am voting for him. That word was played out months ago!


Woot’s own election…

They will sell both shirts and determine the Pesident based off of their sales data. DUH…

I’m in for a RED. I voted (twice, kinda like most blue voters)


Remember how ugly the thread got over the shirt with the chicken in the Native American head dress? That was frightening that night.

L0L my thoughts exactly :slight_smile:

I always enjoy your posts.