Blink XT Home Security Camera System - 1st Gen

Blink XT Home Security Camera System - 1st Gen

What does “Used-Acceptable” condition mean? Abused, broken, in bad cosmetic condition?

@rmsalt - here is a detail of Amazon’s “Condition Guidelines”. Sometimes is very hard to see what the “defects” are.

Has anyone had experience with these cameras? Can the Sync Module be used along with the [Blink Mini camera](Blink Mini – Compact indoor…

Can I return them at no cost if the item is damaged? Are they still under warranty?

I bought a set of 3 cameras a couple of weeks ago. The condition was noted as only “Acceptable” but they seemed almost new. Easy to mount. Picture quality is good. I do have two complaints. Unlike some Eufy cameras I have, the Blinks have no AI for human detection, so they trigger on any motion, like leaves blowing in the wind. I mounted one of them under the eaves on the side of my house facing down my driveway. Being next to the white siding, the infrared lights up the siding, which makes my gate drive area totally dark as the camera adjusts for the brightness of the siding. As a result it is useless to me at night in that location. I have some motion lights there that are not working so once I get those working, it should be fine.

These items come with out 90 Day Woot warranty. If they are defective or damaged in any way when you receive them, you can return them for a full refund.

Just a side note, the last time I ordered this offer, the order was accepted, money taken, waited 2 weeks for the shipping date to arrive and a few days before that, the order was cancelled :confused:. Kind of reluctant to try again…

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Was all excited to add a 3rd camera when I noticed these are the 1st gen not the XT2 - will this work with my existing system?

It seems they should work together, as both cameras use the same sync module (
Is the sync module that comes with the Blink XT2 different/better than the sync module I have with my XT System?

No. It is the same hardware as previous Sync Modules.