Blue Ocean Crab

So why do people want the BOC? Is it exactly what it sounds like? Never bought one.


It’s just the thrill of the hunt.

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I was so close…instead of the VOP, it asked me to log into my account, but then I screwed up my password and by then time I got it straightened out, VOP for me. :woman_facepalming:

One of these days I’ll score a Woot-Off BOC!!

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That time, I did not refresh the VOP at all, still no BOC! Refresh straight to VOP! Also not refresh believe it or not VOP

You can see some reveals here:

:w_boc: Post your 2022 Craps Here!!!.

Does the name of the BOC (Blue Ocean Crab) mean anything?

says sold out but I’ll wait in the VOP for a bit


random stuffs

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usually well worth the 10$

So close, yet so far. I made it to the click for payment before getting VOP’d. :sob:

Ugh vop, waited like 8 minutes, refreshed vop a few times… now just back to work… my cat like reflexes are failing me… also woot is prejudice against puppy profile pictures

Just means BOC.

They used to have goofy pictures of the name. So this would’ve probably had blue crabs in an ocean. That’s how Mums always Snagged her Bags. I told her to start refreshing at 5% and if the picture didn’t make any sense at all and her first thought was “HUH???!!!” then CLICK!!! That was back when the desktop loaded same as the phonetop. She would never be able to get one now.


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Missed opportunity! Pretend you’re interested & tell him to vacuum the :cat2: :poop: up, to prove how well the unit works? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

They sometimes have the pictures.


Well that was a first. Sat in the VOP for a solid 3-4 minutes. then was asked to login (again). order was accepted.

I have never VOP’d that long and been successful.

Everythings Coming Up Milhouse GIFs | Tenor

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Congrats and condolences.

Too late, I’ve already run him off. I already have 2 Kirbys.

Sooo that’s my problem. My puppy profile. Mine is of my last doggie who crossed the bridge a few years ago. Miss my Odie.

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