Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android & iOS

Word to the wise: Try reading the manual (link is available on one of these pages), and draw your own conclusions.
Not being wise and not knowing much about smart watches, I bought this. Despite the specs showing a fair amount of memory, many of the functions (image viewer, audio player, sound recorder, camera, file manager) prompt you to insert a memory card. Gee, I didn’t see THAT in the write-up. And, on the home screen, I’m prompted to Insert SIM. Also, it seems that I need a SIM for these apps: Browser, Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter. I’m in the US, I don’t have a SIM. The analog watch display is nice, but only when I can actually bring it up. Trying to follow the poorly translated directions (by the way, the printed directions included with the watch have the tiniest font I have ever seen) is very, very difficult at best. Several other issues, but you get the picture. I’m about to find out what kind of return policy Woot has.

So, the “sucker banner” calls it a “Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android & iOS”. Well, kinda.

I got caught up in it and for 15 bucks didn’t expect much. There was a big list of things it will supposedly do. Then at the bottom (i didn’t get to the bottom) is says this:

iOS Note: You can connect the watch to your iOS device using Bluetooth to make/receive calls. All other functionality requires an Android device.

Well, i have a bluetooth earphone for that. Hope the watch looks nice since apparently that’s all it’s good for.