Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android

Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android

Will Google Voice work through the watch?

A real hunk of crap! I had a $10 credit for Woot so I paid about $5 for the watch and I still overpaid. The buttons on the phone didn’t activate when I tapped them or the text was so small that I was selecting multiple lines at ones. I couldn’t scroll from one screen to another, swiping left or right was intermittent at best when I wanted to and it happened randomly at other times. I couldn’t set my home country or timezone because when I would try to scroll through the screen it would only select one of the top country names. The app was simply a zip file you had to download and run on your phone, not an actual app through Google. And there was no customer service. I emailed twice and did not get a reply at all. DO NOT BUY THIS WATCH!


Good morning. Feel free to contact Woot Customer Service. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

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I got this thing in a BOC, and of all the BOC items I’ve ever gotten, this one made me laugh the hardest.


I find it hard to believe these were ever $100. I’ve seen these on Amazon for $13-15. I was given one of these as a gift recently. They are the most basic smart watch you could get. All plastic, and you can tell. It’s bulky but not so bulky that it sticks out.

The menus and initial set up are not great. You can connect to it via bluetooth and play music, check messages, make calls, etc. But I don’t expect a great experience with any of it’s features other than being a watch that also happens to barely be a smart watch.

That being said. It does what it says it will do, and if you’re okay with learning to use it and accept it’s build quality, then its just ok.

It’s a cheap option to test if the capabilities of a smart watch work for you. You could either get a watch that is of reputable quality right off the bat, or try one of these first before making that bigger purchase.

I don’t doubt that Amazon or Woot can’t get rid of these soon enough.


You get what you pay for. It is a wrist full of crap :slight_smile:


Saw a guy wearing one of these at a recent event I attended. I didn’t have the heart to bring up the watch with him, as it would invariably lead to the revelation that I got one in something called a bag of crap.

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I have mine, it’s now relegated to watch function only with an occasional alarm.
Biggest issue. When it’s paired with your phone it takes over for all audio / phone functions. Don’t want your call to be put on speakerphone? Too bad! It defaults to its horrible tiny little speaker and maxes out it’s capabilities. For every call. No matter what even if it’s already paired to your car. Want to watch YouTube? Well I hope you enjoy the sound of YT through a POS tiny speaker at the end of your wrist. Did you have BT headphones on while you’re working out? And get a call? Well be ready to wonder why you can’t hear the person on the other end of the call. Because they will be wondering why they can hear gym noises through your watch and not able to really hear you.

Other complaints. 1. In order for it to function as a step counter you have to tell it to start counting your steps. It then stop at some arbitrary point without telling you. 2. Exact same thing for sleep, you have to tell it you’re about to sleep and then it shuts off randomly too. It doesn’t have a pulse sensor, so it’s clueless. 3. It requires a sim card for most of the other interesting functions. Like web browser or FB WhatsApp, as well as a memory card. 4. It also seems to forget that I have BT notifier installed on my phone, on a regular basis.
So yeah it’s now a $14 dumb watch that you have to charge every two days.


Seriously it’s a $15 toy. I have a couple from different sources. It’s 15 bucks folks. I have been fiddling with them on and off for months now. I got them off the Asian auction site for 5-10 bucks. BTW forget the directions, they make little sense even if you stick them under the microscope to read them. You are on your own for your quest of knowledge. My big challenge is to get the “Padometer” (sp) to work. It’s for shts and giggles. Don’t expect Apple quality or features. I think the battery life is OK but it’s not doing much to drain it. Go ahead, spend 15 bucks and amuse yourself. Sorry I forgot to add you can stick a micro-sd card in it and you can get some OK candid photos with it. It’s a very odd camera placement and you really don’t look like you are taking a picture for all you Dick Tracy fans out there.

Knowing it is $15, I ordered one for the gimmick of using it as a phone to pretend I’m Dick Tracy. I love playing with bad technology, and anything under $20 is fair game. If I get an hour of fun and frustration out of it, I’ve got my money’s worth.

please get back to us on this because they’re been countless previous threads for the same item where people say the same thing at you like whatever I’ll just try it I have no expectations and then they come back and they’re like oh I’m never going to get those brain cells back or whatever or something

Generally, those people have high expectations, but claim otherwise.
Mine arrives on the 2nd, so we’ll see.

I bought this as an intro gift to smart watches, with only modest expectations. I tried 3x and the software never fully installed. The pedometer function never worked accurately. I did place a micro SD card and was able to play music, but the audio player wouldn’t control the music.

Hmm Hope you grabbed the apk. The site is down.

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Good luck my friend. PM me I have an apk that works with these watches if all else fails.

These are practically given away on sites like Wish where junk is sold from China

As promised, I’m returning to give first impressions about the watch. Been wearing for only half a day thus far. Despite the branding and model number listed here, this is your run-o-the-mill “DZ09” smart watch. That model number will turn up quite a good number of YT vids and reviews. Most people understand what they are getting, and are satisfied.
For my personal view, it does exactly what I expected as well, with one caviat. The Bluetooth function works superbly with Android on my Samsung 8 Active. Using the watches built in QR code app, the APK was easily found and installed. It paired with ease. I can make and receive calls via BT, and was able to receive single party SMS messages, which can be replied to. Multi-party SMS texts would appear in the “Notifier” app on the watch to be read, but do not come through as a standalone text message that can be replied to. My wife’s watch is a bit more expensive, and she doesn’t receive any multi-party texts, not even a notification.
The test I was hoping to perform is where it all fell a bit flat. I didn’t notice that the SIM slot will only work with 2G network SIM cards. It will not recognize a 3 or 4G SIM. This is apparently common for most smart watches, but not something I knew to look for. I have a 2G SIM coming Sunday to test this function. If it works, as I expect it will, that will mean the watch can be a fully standalone phone for calls, texts, and data. Assuming all goes well, I may be ordering another of these as my pre-teen daughter’s first phone. Cheap, connected, strapped to her arm, and data limited. Perfect for a first trial.
I might return after that test as well.

For $15, I have a wrist buzzer to notify me of new texts and emails, a quick and crappy camera, an audio recorder, an alarm, a calculator, a music controller, and a way to make cumbersome phone calls, all without a SIM installed.
I’m not sure I have anything else worth $15 that I can say does that much.
Add a SIM and cheap pre-paid plan, and I can still be reached if I forget my brick phone at home.

It’s not an Apple watch or a Samsung Gear. If your status or sanity relies on brand names, this isn’t for you. It does what it says. No more, no less.

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This watch is a joke. Don’t bother.

Well, I’ll be a Woot monkey’s uncle… IT WORKS!

I ordered a “Starter Kit” from US Mobile through Amazon for $6. It included 2 SIM cards. One for 2/3G networks(for older devices, and many watches), and one for 4G LTE networks(modern phones).
I received it today and activated online quickly. I added the lowest call/text/data options they had, and for $8.57 a month, I had a 2G SIM card activated within 10 minutes and slapped that puppy into this watch.

It flippin’ works. It shows up as “T-Mobile” on the watch.
I sent a text from the watch to my phone. Success!
I connected my bluetooth headphones to the watch. Success!
I then called my cell phone from the watch. Success!
The watch used the headphones as its mic and speaker, so the quality was decent (for $20 wireless earbuds).

I’m telling you, I’m astounded. This $15 watch and $8.57 phone plan just gave me a new emergency option for reaching me, or for me to reach others.
I took some time to add people to the watch contacts, so calling them will be easier. Texting will still be a rough go with the small keypad. But quick “yes” or “no” replies should be manageable.

The US Mobile plans offer lots of customization for all three categories (call/text/data). I went with the 75min/50msg/50MB plan for the above price. They have all the way up to “unlimited” plans for $40, but this watch would never require that much.

Too bad this one is sold out, but I’m sure I can find another. This will indeed likely become my daughter’s first “phone” for emergency use.

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Thank you kindly for the detailed breakdown and various use cases. This was a great dried write up and I appreciate that you took the time to do so