Bluetooth USB Dongle



sellout.woot brings the noise AND the funk tonite. me likey… still got useful linkage w/ comparison links… as per the usual… hehe… you said ‘dongle’.


product(s): 1 Bluetooth USB Dongle BA02P1
condition: New
$0.99 + $5 shipping


Fudge. I got one already. Great price. they usually go for 12.99


how does it work…?


Bluetooth 1.2



So other than my cell phone I have no bluetooth devices…and I can’t think of any reason why I need my cell phone to talk to my computer.

Not tonight.


It gives your computer Bluetooth ability.

I don’t know anyone with a computer that doesn’t have it built-in already


Creative made one of these. I bought it for a desktop machine I had, to transfer pics from my phone to my desktop. Worked great for that! If you don’t have bluetooth on a desktop or laptop and want it, this is a super-cheap way to do it.


mine doesn’t :frowning:


This is amazing. I actually needed to buy one of these and was about to pay 30 bucks for one at Best Buy tomorrow.

Thank you, Woot. Love you so much.



People, stop with the “how does it work” questions, do you own damn homework!


Cool, I would buy but my Mac laptop has bluetooth built in.
next time, good night Woot


bought two of em for wireless syncing my phone. its only 1.2 so heres hoping I don’t upgrade soon and they work :s


Is this Mac compatible? I’m guessing not, but does anybody know?


my laptop is over 2 years old so it doesn’t have bluetooth either. In for 3.


I’m in for 3… need them anyway.


I back up my cellphone address book to my PC and I use audacity to make my own ringtones and then use the PC to put them on the phone. I’m in for 3…


A Good price, but I already have 2… I never used the 1st, and havn’t opened the 2nd… Think I will pass, even though the price is right. Good night everyone.


uploading (pictures, files), ect