Bondic 2-Pack Liquid Plastic Welder Pro Kit

I got one of these a while back. I’ve used it to repair a broken fridge drawer. Which worked great because it was already transparent plastic making the light easier to shine through the welding goop.

I’ve repaired a pair of glasses and a few other things around the house with it.

Don’t use it outside during the day and you’ll have a wonderful time with this stuff.

Same price at Amazon but looks like you get one extra 4 gram liquid plastic here at the Woot!

I bought them about a year ago and they did not work on anything I tried to fix. Super glue is a better option.

I purchased the “liquid plastic welder” as well. I thought it would be great and even purchased extra tubes of the “plastic” base. This stuff only works on the outside of the items you want to fix. It will NOT work if you put the “plastic” between two pieces since the “light” cannot reach that area of the items you are fixing. By only being able to “weld” the items together that need to be fixed the bond is weak. In addition, try and hold two pieces together (need two hands) and then hold the bonding light. Not easy or difficult to do. If you lay the items down to fix them you can end up creating a bond with the material you laid them down on for the bonding. WASTE OF MONEY!!!

Hey, thanks for the comment. I do want to let you know that the item on Amazon is the Starter Kit and we are selling the Pro Kit. Ours comes with six 4gram tubes of liquid plastic refills, two UV LED Lights, two Carrying cases and two Microfiber cloths. The starter kit on Amazon comes with one applicator, one LED UV light and one bonus 4gram tube of plastic.

I got this last year and bought more refills later. It works great for what it’s good for, but it’s not superglue and won’t work exactly the same way. I’ve done a couple repairs where I superglued the contact and then used this stuff to seal it in or build a broken spot back up.

Well worth the money for the things I have used them for.

I can see a ton of uses for this stuff but after I get done with the immediate repairs it might be quite a while before I need it again. So, I have to ask, once you open a vial of the liquid plastic and make a repair, does the remainder quickly dry out or will it stay usable for weeks or even months?

The kit shown on Amazon is the Pro Kit… They offer a 2-pac version; price point - $59.99. That said, if you want this item, the woot deal is better than the parent company offer, even if it’s sent via * prime*…

I have had a tube open for over a year now and it still works awesome. As noted above, you don’t want to take it out on a sunny day or it self-seals the tube rather quickly, but other than that, setting in a drawer in a shop doesn’t seem to bother it at all.

Also as noted above, it is not a strong adhesive on many materials, however, what I have found it is amazing for is using in combination with other adhesives. For example, I might use a 2 part epoxy to get a strong bond between 2 flat metal surfaces, but that takes hours to set up. To hold it while it sets, I put a few spots of this at the edges of my parts, cure them and walk away. Once my 2 part has cured I can usually even pick the bondic off for a clean outer surface.

Bought a 2 pack last time around and honestly doesn’t work too well. A low temp plastic glue stick will fix things better.

I only use it to fix cables but you should use a good amount. small coats will need to be repaired again very soon.