Bowflex SelectTech 2080 Barbell/Curlbar

Bowflex SelectTech 2080 Barbell/Curlbar

Almost $50 cheaper sold by Walmart :man_shrugging:t2:


Literally available straight from manufacturer (Bowflex.Com) for less than $500.

Put in a code and price is matched

Then they offer:

After some time spent with woot customer service, a purchase of this magnitude (weight, size and price), even if the price were $100 more straight from the manufacturer, I’d say it’s probably worth it.

But it’s not $100 more…

And that $799 bundle from them seems like the way to go if you’re already prepared to shell out 5 bills.

5 year protection plan if bought through Bowflex is 69 bucks.

Like TT always says, you can’t just look at the MSRP and determine if it’s a good deal.

And determining what’s a good deal at Woot these days just seems to be getting harder and harder.

It was nice when you could just trust that it would be near impossible to beat a Woot price with their Amazon connection.

Why did that trust have to disappear?

It seems like Woot can still really get it right, but only after people throw a fit (see external Samsung SSD the other day).

It shouldn’t require a constant and consistent necessity by the consumers here to check that Woot just isn’t off, or sometimes, WAY off. And then spend valuable time jumping through insult hoops from volunteer mods or Woot sheeple just to try to inform that things seem off.

I know I’m prob the only one with this issue but…

…just a couple more pennies to blargh at @ThunderThighs.


Out of stock and I saw a price of $599

Says expected to ship within one week in the checkout

Price shows ~$489 before any promo codes entered

Edit: I’m not saying it’s cheaper. Just not 599 and much closer to woot price, straight from manufacturer with a very reasonably priced long protection plan available.

Edit 2: And, agreed, the Walmart link is back to 599. Sorry to interject, thought your post was re: my post. Apologies.

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That isn’t the Walmart price or listing which I was referring to


You must not have seen my edit note.


Well that went fast… (probably had only one?)