Braun Watches

So… the watch surface clearly states it is made in germany (at least on the one I pulled up @ 399.99) but Woot saids that the country of origin is China. Did the germans move to china ?

in 1903 some German settled in Qingdao in Shandong province and founded Germania-Brauerei (Germainia Brewery) and produced what eventually became the famous TsingTao beer.

That’s the only “Germans-move-to-China” event i know.

Thanks for pointing that out! Our assumption was that they were all made in China, but after confirming with the vendor, we have corrected the COO on the ones made in Germany.

Thanks for the clarification, I can now proudly where my lederhosen next octoberfest in Shanghai

I thought Braun made kitchen appliances. What’s with the watches??

swiss watch prices for cheaper stuff. no thanks

Zeon makes these watches.
Zeon makes one or two other boutique branded watches, but nothing anyone’s ever heard of.

They also make gift items. Browsing their site they have little robots and hello kitty watches and clocks.

This doesn’t jump out at me as being a watch maker company…

These are beautiful minimalist watches well renown for their design. I’ve had one for years. In for 1 or 2

Oh boy…a quartz watch made by a coffee pot company for the same price as a seiko divemaster (automatic watch)!

Braun is a diversified company. They don’t just make coffee makers and other kitchen appliances. They’re well known for their personal grooming appliances as well.

Companies diversify all the time. You ever feed Gerber baby food to your kids, and then use your Gerber pocket to whittle while you watch them play? Same company. Gerber makes great pocket knives (although I don’t like that they are outsourced now), and I assume they make great baby food. I don’t eat the stuff so I can’t say for sure.

Great design, but for the same price I’d rather buy a Seiko or Citizen.

Nope, these companies are completely unrelated. Gerber Baby Food and Gerber Life Insurance are
related though. Maybe you were thinking of that.

I SECOND THAT STATEMENT EXACTLY, then again i own about a billion seikos