Breville BES400XL Ikon Espresso Machine Woot Info Post because santa claus isn’t real

Breville BES400XL Ikon Espresso Machine [Refurbished] - $99.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Breville BES400XL Ikon Espresso Machine

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Dear Woot Gods:

What have we done to foresake you so early in this woot off. We apologize.

Next item please.

:slight_smile: Just kidding (kind of)

Please, woot. I missed the roomba and am terribly sad…

I bought one of these awhile back on woot, I think over a year ago. I LOVE IT! Wondering if I should buy another one for the camper…

Yes, you should.

buy 3. save on shipping.

Please do. The sooner people buy them the sooner we get to move on. My boss is in meetings so I can freely woot without fear of repercussions. Next product please!

Amazon has good reviews on this machine.

oooo thats pretty.


One for the camper, the garage, and there is nothing like an espresso poop. Have you thought about the bathrooms?

If someone will lend me $100 I’ll be glad to help move the woot along.

I went to bed last night and prayed for a Woot-Off!

Thank You God!

Is stuff really refurbished on Woot or is that just a way of discounting merchandise? I’m sure this has been asked a 1000 times. Sorry about that.

I got one of the 800ESXLs refurbs that were sold a while back. So many people, myself included, had problems with them. The warranty process was fairly painless and they did pay for the shipping and they even sent me a new one in exchange for my faulty refurb but once the 90 warranty period was over that one had problems and now I have a nice lump of scrap metal.

Get the squaretrade warranty if you buy this. Google for coupons - there are always some around for at least 20% off.

Be glad you missed the Roomba! I’m on my 2nd and last one. 1st one failed just out of warranty. Paid for the replacement part. They are not much more than a motorized handi-vac. Save your money for something more worthwhile.

Wow! Was that the first carpless wootoff ever?