Breville Smart Oven

anyone have one of these and can give a review?

This oven is awesome. I bought it from Amazon for the same price (less shipping). It arrived like new, and it’s been a real pleasure thus far - about a year.

Here is one of many threads at slickdeals that discusses the deal at the same price. There’s plenty of info there, as well as on the Amazon product page. See below. I predict this will sell out.

Deal discussion:


I have one of these and LOVE IT. It is truly an oven… don’t be thinking toaster

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I have several Breville products and they’re all awesome!

Will it accommodate a 9x13 pan. Dimensions look ok but want confirmation b4 purchase

America’s Test Kitchen, whose reviews are very rigorous, rated this oven first in a recent toaster oven round up:

I’ve been looking for a toaster oven for a while and this looks like a great deal!

since it’s a refurb, how do you know how scratched and used it’s gonne be when you get it? How old could it be? Also, does anyone know if you can mount this under your cabinet? Sure looks too big, but I would hate something to sit on my countertop and take up much needed space.

This oven is fantastic … i use it more than my big oven. and have used it for everything from toast to roasting and baking… this is a great price for it about 100 bucks less than i paid for mine.

Woot’s pretty good about returns. Everything refurbed I’ve purchased through them has been factory new in condition.

Have had my Breville oven for about a year. It took me awhile to get use to it, now couldn’t do without it. The cheapest I found a new one was about $325. Yes, it will accomodate a 9 X 13" pan. Warning, unless they have recently changed them, the top gets very hot when oven in use. I keep a wooden bread board with silicone legs on mine… Breville Brand. Buy it, you won’t be sorry.

The review below claims this oven doesn’t heat up to the temps it claims it does… anyone have this problem? or was this a one time bad luck thing for the guy on amazon?

Yes they get very hot… Breville sells a cutting board for the top, I have one for mine.

Really, a $140 toaster oven? That is a little outrageous in my book. I pity who ever paid the $325 list price for this thing.

I have had mine for a few years now and love it. Great for toast / brownies / frozen pizzas and baking in the summer when you do not want to heat the whole house.

It heats up quick, toasts evenly, and the convection function is pretty nice.

If mine were to break today I would buy another.

If you had a camper or cabin this could easily be your only oven if you planned your meals around the smaller capacity.

If you don’t have an oven in your house/apartment, this will easily double as an oven. It’s not just a toaster. The posts above say it all. It will do a lot more than just make toast.

Have this for over a year now, it is great. In for one for the lake now, can’t resist this price.

We love ours, and use it a lot as an oven. It heats up quickly and the timer setting is awesome for making sure the food doesn’t get overcooked. This is a great price!!

anyone know how it compares to this oster version?.. looks the same