Breville Thermal Pro Nonstick Sauce Pan

Breville Thermal Pro Nonstick Sauce Pan

It shows options down below, is there a selector missing to choose one of the options? Or is the 2.5 qt anodized saucepan the only one left?

Yeah, this is the only one we have this time:

Style 2.5-Quart Anodized Sauce Pan

Where is it manufactured?

Thailand per Amazon.

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I got one of these last week and it is very nice quality. Assuming you know it’s a nonstick, it seems like a very good one. I have not used it enough to know how it will hold up but has a quality feel.

It you look around the offerings, there have been other Breville stainless pots that come and go. There is one that looks like the large sautee pan in the photo. I got that in a 4qt last week and it’s super-nice and also quite heavy. I see at the moment there is a 5qt which is probably similar nice and even heavier I would assume. But quality stuff. All the others are stainless inside; this is the only one that has the nonstick.