Brim 15 Bar Espresso Machine

Brim 15 Bar Espresso Machine

Buyer beware - read the reviews. Bad reviews everywhere. (And it’s only about $25 off of retail, despite the MSRP listed.)


Sing along with me now,


So who sets it? The manufacturer.
Who isn’t a manufacturer?

That’s right!

Woot isn’t a manufacturer. Go team!

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Been messing with espresso machines for 20+ years. Found my share of “unwanted wedding presents” and others given up on by owners who prefer Folgers. Early on the Italian made ones worked better than the Chinese ones, later the Chinese used Italian pumps and now they’ve made their own that work. But there are a ton of cheap ones that companies slap their name on with no spare parts or expertise. The Asian makers are are expert at good looking exteriors with substandard inner parts. Add to that spotty quality control and importers who give you a blank stare when you ask for help. One Amazon reviewer suggests either getting one 1/2 this price or twice this price. I’d avoid the all-in-one grind/load/eject models as something will go wrong. We have hard well water, so opted for a manual lever machine. Recently got a non-electric lever model [Flair Neo] that was a Kickstarter project. Only makes one small shot, but works. Final note: If you are not going to invest in a proper grinder and beans, a mokka pot might be a better choice. It’s not espresso, but it can be good.

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