brite-View plugCam Network Camera Kit

**Item: **brite-View plugCam Network Camera Kit
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Time to check out the product page

This this is seriously easy to set up. The app is pretty easy to use. The only thing I thought was lacking was the ability to record short photo clips.

Take a look at the Manual

Can you view the video from outside the network by entering an IP address.

I own one, it is very easy to set up and worked through out the house, but it only was viewable from a device connected to the house network. So as far as I can tell it is basically a very nice nanny cam.

Does this work with 220V power in other countries?

Here is the user manual

From a quick look at the web site and the manual, yes you can access the video from outside your network.

My question is it usable for outdoor use?

Not waterproof for outdoor use. And operating temperature is 0-40c.

I wonder if it would work with something like iCam on iOS and iCamSource server application for it on the Mac. I already have that up and going and thought it would be nice to have a separate camera with an IP address I could plug into iCamSource to add to my webcams I have on it as well.

Absolutely! Would require some basic router configuration changes (port forwarding, mainly). It would be a good idea to assign the camera a static IP address within your network and/or use IP Address reservations in your router if capable (that way the camera will still use DHCP, but the router will always assign the camera the same IP address). Then, from outside your home network, you would need to know your external IP address. That address may be subject to change, in which case you should configure a dynamic domain name account (many available for free such as

Writing it up makes it sound more complicated than what it actually is. lol

this send the video/pics over the power line through its Ethernet adapter. will this interrupt a power line system used for other purposes that is already in place? My unknowledgeable gut instinct tells me it will muck the current system up or maybe there is a solution but I would have to be really tech savvy to implement it.

Can you hear audio through the app? Also can multiple cameras be viewed at one time? Does the phone just wake up if there is noise detected? I’m wondering how it works overnight when the phone goes to sleep.

Didn’t read the description huh? It says 1 adapter links up to 7 cameras, and they are selling an additional camera for the reduced price.


Asking if you can view more than one camera at the same time is completely different from asking if the system supports multiple cameras. The question as posed asks if the app offers split-screen viewing of more than one room at a time – very important if, like me, you have multiple Littles to monitor at once.

In other words, didn’t read the question, huh? :stuck_out_tongue: