Brondell Swash Luxury Bidets (Your Choice)

Brondell Swash Luxury Bidets (Your Choice)

That’s a good price for the 1400 model.

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How so? Amazon sold it for $325 in November. Home Depot sold it for $325 with free shipping in October, September and July. So Woot is charging $25 more than Home Depot & Amazon. Clearly they’re all buying the same products and Woot is not using their wiggle room to compete.

I would highly suggest watching reviews as plenty of cheaper models have gotten better reviews for half the price. The benefits of this over cheaper models is heated air drying, continuously heated water, heated seat, slow close lid, self cleaning and sterilizing, feminine options for cleaning, wireless remote. With that being said, I’ve seen $160 models offer all that but without the dryer. So you’re basically paying $250+ for a dryer.

I still don’t understand how they charge $350+ and still don’t offer bluetooth control. Everyone uses their phone on the toilet. It just makes sense that it should be controllable by a phone at this price range. But you all do you; if they dropped it $25 I would say it matches the competition sale price, If they dropped it $50 then I would say it’s front page worthy. But everyone has their own ideas as what constitutes a sale.

There is no color selection. Are these seats white, biscuit, or randomly colored?

They’re all white, like a proper toilet should be. :wink:

Everyone uses their phone on the toilet.

Wait, what? You are telling me people actually use a device with cameras and a microphone on the toilet which any miscreant can hijack with the right know-how?

Excluding the price argument which is valid, I bought one of the more expensive Brondell ones ~4 years ago for $400+. I would buy another. I have had no problems with it. I have a septic system so using less TP is a good thing. I just wish there was some way to clean the calcium deposits out of the system. I am sure internally they are building up. I have to clean my espresso maker and this is a similar heating system. And as a physician I get concerned about ricochet water carrying fecal material hitting the boys as they hang, so I pull them out of the way as the spraying goes on. But the spray just does a better job of cleaning. So swash away.

One thing I’ve always wondered is how many people have an electrical outlet by their toilet? None of the houses I’ve lived in ever have one in the little toilet closet. How do you plug yours in?

My new house came with one!!! I squeed when I saw it!

Most others have a plug put in by an electrician.

Probably the safest place to be spied on. It’s not like I’m having confidential conversations while blastin’ out bum bombs.

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Brondell has bidet filters to keep calcium and hard water deposits out of the system. Also, their service center might be able to send instructions on how to clean and make repairs.

I highly suggest getting better netsec at a router level if you’re worried about people hijacking your cellphone to watch you unleash the leviathan. I work in network security and even I am not paranoid about this.

Far more embarrassing things travel across your cellphone than you taking the browns to the superbowl.

Thanks for the info/advice. When we had our master bath redone, I was thinking about getting a bidet seat. So I had the electrician install an outlet. I think it has to be tied to a GFCI. Then about 2 years later I ordered the bidet seat. My wife looked at me like I was some anally obsessed weirdo. But I installed it and learned to use it. I am the only one who does, although she appreciates the heated seat and night light. And the kitten enjoys the water that pre rinses when it detects something on the seat. Learned the benefits on European/Asian trips where they have them in the hotels.