Brooklyn Born Chocolate Paleo Bars 8 Pack

Brooklyn Born Chocolate Paleo Bars 8 Pack

Dark chocolate - sounds good

% of cacao ???

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“A true taste of Brooklyn”. LOL. That should get a lot of mouths watering to try them, and at only $38 a pound!

This is a good question. In my chocolate label reading experience, dark chocolate not made with a soy emulsifier is usually around 80%. They have a 72% on their website that does have soy, and this does not. Makes me think it is quite dark. For what my opinion is worth to strangers, dark chocolate made with cocoa butter has a smoother taste and doesn’t seem to be as bitter as dark chocolate made with soy.

For price, 4 packs of a single flavor are 24.00 on their website. I didn’t check how much shipping costs. It would be cheaper to buy this than it would be to buy direct either way. If I weren’t in the active house hunting process (and therefore terrified by any unnecessary purchases), I’d probably bite on this one. Stuff sounds good.

70%, looked at nutritions.