Brooklyn Brew Shop Starter Kits

Brooklyn Brew Shop Starter Kits

Oh hey I got one of these as a Christmas present a few years back.

It’s pretty ‘simple’ and a cool little starter kit for getting into home brewing. I say ‘simple’ because if you follow the instructions to the T, you’ll get beer in about a months time (I believe 2 weeks in the jug, 2 weeks in the bottle). The kit brews enough for about a six pack.

That being said, it’ll only brew a six pack per month or every 2 weeks if you have extra bottles. Still pretty nifty.

I have been a homebrewer for 30+ years. This looks like a good introduction for someone who wants to try it without investing too much money or a way to try out new recipes for an experienced brewer. That said, it is a bit of work for 8-9 bottles, most brewers do 5 gallon batches for about 2 cases. Of course that is just my 2 cents worth.

looks nicer than the Mr Beer kit I was gifted and used once.