Brother P-Touch Easy Handheld Label Maker



I don’t know about this exact model but it looks the same from the picture. My boss bought one of these for use at work. It’s straight forward and works. Only complaint could be that it wastes more on each side of the printed area then what is shown in the picture.


These go for $10 new @ Office Depot at least once a month.
They are good to have.


I have a really old P-Touch that adds about an inch (maybe more) of blank space at the beginning and end of each label. The trick, I’ve found, is to make multiple labels all at once and cut them out by hand. For example, if you need to print 10 names, type them all with a space between each name, then hit print, then use a scissors to cut them. You’ll save nearly a foot of tape.


Have this model. Eats AAA batteries. $$$$


Use rechargeable batteries


I do. 6 AAA Enoloops. Don’t know why I bother. Just about every time I pull it out to print, the batteries are dead. Something in this model draws current while the device is off. Or it has no automatic shutoff and my family is leaving it on. I’ve not dug into the cause much, except to say that after blasting through about a dozen alkaline AAAs with this unit (it takes 6), I got a little smarter and bought 12 Enoloops (not cheap initially!). Now I might get a couple uses out of it if I am lucky. If not, I recharge the Enoloops and I have 6 more AAA charged Enoloops so I don’t have to wait for the 6 dead ones to charge. That’s probably $40 in batteries. See the hassle? My advice: Buy a different P-Touch model. I have two others in my home and office that don’t have this problem. (The ones with the full keyboard). The bulk of the ownership cost of these is in batteries and tape, not the printing unit, so get a better printer.


This is false. They go on sale at nearly 45% off about once per quarter (every three months).


Ok kids, I’m about to drop some real info on you- I’ve spent the last week researching and finding the best label maker for the money (really… odd coincidence).

This is not the one to get. But I have good news:

The one I picked up this morning after much deliberation, feature checking, and manually testing in the store, is outstanding. It feels great in my hands, prints very nice labels, includes 10ft of good quality sticker tape, and well… It is just designed far better. Don’t buy this. If you have to buy the sticker tape right away, the price just went up a minimum of $15.

I got this: Dymo LabelManager 160 and here are the reasons why:
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A couple features appear to make this inferior. That is very much untrue.

Ok to start, I have two coupon codes that will get you $25 off. Use it on the GOOD label maker I just mention, and for $22 dollars you have a near top of the line product, 15 dollars worth of free sticker tape included, and an all around solid product:

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You cannot go wrong.

With this one, you will.


ps, re:other comments

The Dymo one I got does NOT eat batteries. And if you have many electronics at home, you probably already have a usable AC adaptor. (just make sure it is 5v!)

My power cable for my e-cig just happened to be the exact right one…