Bubble of Cauldron

Bubble of Cauldron


Desktop loads slower than the App. Some day we’ll fix that.

VOP is by design. A small percentage of orders go straight through with the remainder going to the VOP to queue up for the next availability in our order processing. This keeps our servers from blowing up.

You can exit the VOP after 4-5 minutes. Desktop should kick you. App is a jerk and doesn’t kick you out.

Canceled means we ran out after we processed your payment. We have to cancel to refund the order.

Denied means that we ran out before we could process your order. We deny the order to reverse the process.

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Enjoy the disappointment.




And now, it’s time for everybody’s favourite gif:



Also stunned. No delay. Quick buy. Strangest BOC ever.

no luck today ! last try i guess XD

Not as many people around? I also sell a few more in the evenings. :smiley:


I’ll try to find some sympathy for you.

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I quit.

I clicked the push as soon as it appeared. Sat in VOP. Beginning to think this is a scam.

No luck 5 times strike out via app. Lucky for me

is it over?

Still in the Vestibule of Purgatory…

Is it sad and pathetic that I’m still hanging out in the VOP, hoping maybe this time it comes through? :cry:

well done honey