Buck Shack Proprietary Red Wine Blend (4)

Buck Shack Proprietary Red Wine Blend 4-Pack
Sold by: Shannon Ridge Inc
$64.99 $140.00 54% off List Price
2012 Buck Shack Red Wine Blend, Shannon Ridge, Lake County, California


I’ll post real notes tomorrow. I thought this was going up tomorrow night.

Quick version. I have no idea what this is. It was medium-bodied, very bright, nice ripe fruit that wasn’t at all, like at all over the top, and has a nice acidic frame. I’m guessing a Zin blend and a fair buy at $20 per. My first guess was actually sangio, so maybe that gives you an idea of the bright profile here and the body. But I’m sticking with my Zin guess.

I’ll taste again tomorrow and post some better and more specific notes.


Shared with SWMBO. Below are my cliff notes(will add more details later):

2012 Buck Shack (Shannon Ridge)

Color: dark ruby red, tinge of purple
Thick legs

Nose: bright red fruits, cherry, composte, raspberry, nutmeg

Taste: smooth, 2-3 second finish, low tannins, not complex. Guessing Zinfandel, Sangiovese, ps

Verdict: we both enjoyed it. Had a nice acidity with balanced fruit, alcohol, tannins. Definitely New World and a wine we both agreed would be a crowd pleaser. It went well with our quick Costco meal of breaded tilapia fish and quinoa and was enjoyable on its own.

Guess on the Winery price. Me: $25; her: $28-$32

A great QPR on woot would be:$16 delivered IMO

Would you call it dry? My wife and I have been drinking more blends, as they seem to be able to blend (for lack of a better word) the best characteristics of varietals while minimizing the worst. We particularly like Conundrum blends. However, we had another, called Double T I believe, that was also quite good but had what I would characterize a “dry” aftertaste. Some people might like that, but I did not. Up until then, it was great.

By the way, can you really ship to Connecticut? The last time I tried to buy wine here, you couldn’t ship to CT. I went to the Ship Compliant website, but it’s unclear. For instance, the latest headline for CT is “Connecticut Announces End of UNIMERC Requirement”. What the heck does that even mean? Does that mean you can ship to CT or not?

You’re probably referring to the tannins which can be drying to the mouth. From the initial impressions it doesn’t sound like this wine is especially tannic but hopefully kyle and lost can address that in their followup notes.

The wineries have to have a license for each state that they ship to. Connecticut’s licensing is apparently more expensive than other states, as many of the wineries that appear on wine.woot do not ship there… but some do.

This looks like a nice blend, thanks for being master debaters.

As much as I believe in composting, I’m just not convinced I want my wine to smell that way . . .

I am wondering why wine woot! won’t ship to Idaho, now. I ordered some Dust Valley a few months back, with no problems. I’ve tried ordering today (and yesterday) but am getting messages about how you can’t ship to Idaho. What changed?

Each winery must obtain a license for each state. The ship to list will vary from offer to offer.


Day 2: about 5 oz of the wine sat in the bottle overnight on the counter. No precautionary measures were taken for preservation.

Still no idea what this is. Still very high toned, bright red brambly fruits. Really lively acidic structure. The tannins are present and just a tad grippy, but they aren’t green or coarse or harsh at all.

I’m still guessing this is a zin or zin-heavy blend, but it’s certainly made in a more food-friendly style than a lot of zins I drink. It went well last night with gnocchi and bolognese with meatballs.

Other tasters included SWMBO and my sister, both like wine, neither care much beyond that, but both enjoyed it thoroughly.

This is coming in at under $20/btl which I think is a very fair price. If you like new world but bot OTT, bomb-y wines (why the hell not?!), I can comfortably recommend this as a buy.

If I may soapbox for a brief minute: I really dislike the packaging of this wine. The front label looks like a whiskey label (“small batch,” the iconography, etc.) and the back label actually talks about an old shack that the winery turned into a whiskey tasting room, which is cool, but I’m not sure I see the connection. Thank you for coming to Emerson and Finley’s Birthday Party! We had so much fun celebrating with you. The girls love the crafts and Dory doll! We love you! Personally, I prefer info about the wine, vineyard, winery, etc. on the labels. Just MHO, of course.

Good stuff here at a very fair price.

Yikes, that’s complex. I wondered why I could order…then not be able to order…then could order…

Thanks for the information.

Is there some kind of special language known to only those with access to the secret handshake of wines? I have no idea what this means: “If you like new world but bot OTT, bomb-y wines”.

OTT=Over the Top. yeah, takes a while to figure out the wino lingo…lol

haha meant cherry compote!

funny you mention the label. I actually really liked the rustic look as well as the super heavy bottle. Made a positive impact on both of us.

Yes, bone dry in terms of residual sugar (syrupy or sweet). You may be referring to tannins (puckering of the roof of your mouth. Not dry in that sense. Very smooth and easy going tannins…nice wine

This wine isn’t overly fruity or really big or dense. It’s not really funky, earthy, barnyardy, highly acidic either. It’s a nice, middle of th style spectrum table red. :slight_smile:

Is The Rat now being censored?

From the winery website:
The most pronounced varietals in this blend are Zinfandel for structure and richness. Petite Verdot for color and tannin. Merlot and Cab Franc for aromatics, and a splash of Cabernet Sauvignon for fun.