Buena Vista Sonoma Zinfandel (4)

Buena Vista Sonoma Zinfandel 4-Pack
Sold by: Boisset Collection - Buena Vista Winery
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2014 Buena Vista Zinfandel, Sonoma County

In for 3! And first sucker.

With Cesare in so quickly it makes me pause…maybe I should go for a whole set instead of just assuming I’ll get a couple bottles from Ron… :slight_smile:

Has BV been here before?
Most of the recent club offerings have tended to higher AbV and pH than this one, and that would be a nice trend to see, as they were drifting away from what prompted me to join the club.
I’ve got some '10 of this in the cellar procured from another site, but can’t comment, as they both remain unopened.

Ok Klez, one order coming at ya to split.

Hey, it’s early still here, not yet even 21:00 and this offer is up…
Ah wait, this is tomorrow. Only an hour to the new offer!

I don’t think there’s been a Buena Vista offer - back in the day - the 2008 and 2010 Tours - we went to BV and had a wonderful time - outstanding wines, especially strong Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays. Which is not what Buena Vista was known for back in the day…

I haven’t had the wines since the ownership changed. These may be good, but I’m personally very leery of the 2014 vintage in California.

Your history lesson for today. Agoston Haraszthy started Buena Vista winery after leaving the Sauk-Prairie region of Wisconsin. He had brought some vines with him to Wisconsin and started a winery there. When Wisconsin refused to elect him governor, he left and headed to California bringing with him some of his Zinfandel vines. He is credited with saving the California vines by doing this as they had recently been decimated by insects. It is said Agoston eventually went to South America where he was eaten by crocodiles, although no one can prove that story.

There you go. You now know the history of California wines!

Not so much…

There has been 1 previous Buena Vista offer, a Syrah on 4/9/13.
This is the only wine club I’m in mostly because they are never on here!

Yeah, more like alligators :slight_smile:

Yeah and it was Central America.

"Buena Vista Winery has a rich, delicious heritage as the first premium-and certainly the most colorful-of all of the wineries in California. And its founder, the self-proclaimed “Count of Buena Vista,” Agoston Haraszthy, was a vivacious and eccentric pioneer with a veritable love and unending commitment to California wine.

Surrounded by his own tales of intrigue and political exile, The Count immigrated from Europe in 1840 in pursuit of opportunity and freedom in the burgeoning American West. Following the forty-niners in search of gold in the hills of Northern California, Haraszthy sought “purple gold” – the perfect ‘terroir’ for exceptional wine. He ultimately settled in Sonoma, birthplace of California and capital of the short-lived California Republic, where he founded Buena Vista Winery in 1857.
A committed farmer, an experimental innovator and vintner, a respected author, a shrewd businessman and a brilliant and incredibly zealous promoter, The Count is considered California’s most acclaimed and flamboyant vinicultural pioneer and evangelist.

Despite his abrupt death in 1869 in an alligator-infested river in the jungles of Nicaragua and following the challenges of the depression, prohibition, and phylloxera infestation; his beloved Buena Vista Winery has not only endured but also prospered."

Very excited to see Buena vista on woot! great price too.

If you ever have a chance, BV is one of the most beautiful vineyards with a hobbit hole of a tasting room. At least that is how it used to be. Was my fav when I lived in the area many moons ago. Never had a bad wine from them, not sure how it’s faired over the years, though. Once upon a time the old vine zin was the one to beat.

This winery was one of my favorite stops on my first trip to Sonoma.

As I recall, I enjoyed their zin quite a bit- easy drinking and food friendly with nice fruit, and lighter in style than some of the jammy zins of other nearby producers.

It would be great to see some more of their wines on here as well (The Count?) and especially their Pinot Meunier (you heard me).

These guys and Bartholomew Park next door are some of my favorite stops in Sonoma, the history alone is worth checking out!

Interesting offer. Pretty cool to see BV on here.


Sure. You buy and owe me $40. :slight_smile:

Now that’s a deal! What exactly do I owe you for? I lose track lol

It was also a stop on my first trip to Sonoma! :slight_smile:

It was fun, the performance we saw with an actor portraying the Count during our visit to the winery on the 2008 rpm tour.