Buyer Lee Ann's Heap Of Stuff

I own the Oster 3.5 quart fondue pot. In fact, I have two of them, one for each end of the table.The appliance’s cord is pretty short, but I use an extension cord once everyone’s seated at the table. Everything but the cord can go in the dishwasher, which is the reason I bought this model.

I use them mostly for fondues Bourguignonnes (hot oil, raw meats, breaded appetizers) for my teen’s parties and for an easy family gathering. Teens love it and it’s easy to please them (bags of breaded, frozen stuff and lots of sauces). Then melted chocolate and fruit for fondue dessert. Very easy, fun.

I advise using barbecue skewers for extra spears, if you need them. I also give guests a raw meat plate for sanitary trains and explain meat safety to them.

I highly recommend this fondue pot and have owned mine for seven years.

Lee Ann’s EVENT! You rock.

I also have two of these (both purchased from Woot) for the same reasons. I use a glass bowl as a double boiler over broth (2nd course) for a cheese first course, then over water for a chocolate course at the end.