Ca' Momi Bianco di Napa (6)

Ca’ Momi Bianco di Napa 6-Pack
Sold by: Ca’ Momi Napa Valley
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2013 Bianco di Napa, Napa Valley

I feel like “proprietary blend” means the kitchen sink and the wine makers probably don’t know the % mix either. I mean, what’s missing, Riesling? I don’t trust “white blends” much.

It’s an interesting mix, appears that Chard/Sauv Blanc make up the majority of the blend since they are mentioned 1,2 in both the description and the specs. If you take stock in ratings and/or medals it seems like a solid enough daily drinker but it’s (discount) priced at the higher end of that spectrum for a white blend IMO.

I’m curious about the acidity. pH seems within normal/average range but the TA looks pretty low at 0.48.

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Didn’t expect to get the call this soon, but here I am again on the Grape Debate Team. Happy to be here!

The package with the Golden Ticket was ready for pickup last Wednesday, but because of scheduling issues, I couldn’t get to the FedEx store to pick it up until I was on my way home from work Friday. (At least the bottle didn’t spend those two days bouncing around in the back of a truck in 85+ degree weather!) As soon as I got it home and saw that it was white, it went straight into the (37 degree) fridge.

We (my wife & co-debater Melinda and I) decided that Saturday was the optimal day to try this, since we’d already planned to have white with that night’s dinner. The centerpiece of the meal was the first batch of pesto, made with basil from our garden, of the season, served over fettuccine. Along with that we had grilled chicken breast with a kind of Old Bay dry rub, and steamed shelled edamame. (I should add that for the last several years, the ceremonial wine for the first pesto has been Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc.)

About 15-20 minutes before dinner, I took the bottle from the fridge, opened it, poured it into a decanter, and left it sitting on the counter. The wine was a bright golden color, and I picked up some faint floral notes as I decanted. When I poured the first two glasses, right before we sat down, the wine was about 55 degrees. After pouring, I put the decanter back in the fridge.

With dinner: Sadly, this was NOT a good pairing. Just too much Chardonnay in there - it wasn’t nearly dry/crisp enough to hold its own with the garlicky pesto. The chicken by itself, with a less assertive side, probably would have been fine. Because of the mismatch, neither of us come close to finishing our glass during dinner.

Finishing the 1st glass after dinner: We both noticed that there was almost no nose. Melinda’s comment was that there was no middle to it - fruit up front, and a little bitter on the finish, but nothing much in between. I was catching just traces of butter and oak.

2nd glass: We started working on the second glass straight from the fridge. We both noticed that there was more nose this time around - Melinda got the florals I’d picked up when decanting, and now I was getting some spicy/yeasty notes. The wine seemed a little more well-rounded, and less bitter, the second time around.

My conclusions: This would be good with food, provided it wasn’t something garlic-intensive (or, probably, spicy.) Chicken or fish, maybe a cream sauce, yeah. Just not pesto! I’d also recommend that this one is better served straight from the fridge. Letting it warm up doesn’t do it any favors.

So am I going to buy this? Errrrrmmmm …

Hey there, the blend is actually 30% Chard, 30% Sauvignon Blanc, 30% Pinot Grigio & 10% Viognier.

Welcome to the group.
Looks like you represent the winery. Can you tell us a bit about yourself, as well as a bit more about the wine? Style, fermentation, vineyards, etc…


To my delight, a nice present arrived at my home: a bottle of CA’ Momi Bianco Di Napa 2013 Napa Valley. My assumption was a White Blend, as there were no varietals mentioned.

After 2 days in the refrigerator, I pulled, popped and poured a glass for myself and my wife (who doesn’t drink as much wine as I do, but is very picky about what she likes).

My initial reaction, nice light yellow in color, tight on the nose (due to being cold). First sip a little dry, but very good. I sensed this wine would be good both with and without food. I had ordered take out sushi (nothing too adventurous), and the wine went well with my California roll, salmon skin hand roll, tuna, yellowtail and scallops sushi.

As the wine sat out it opened up. The nose gave citrus tones (orange, grapefruit, pear), and the wine got much more complex on the initial palate, slightly more sweet, with a medium finish.

I asked my wife her thoughts on the wine, and she and I completely agreed that we really liked this wine. I reluctantly corked the wine and put it back in the fridge for tomorrow night.

The next night the wine had improved slightly, with the citrus flavors more developed, but all in all I enjoyed this as much as the first night.

I’m no expert sommelier, but I know when I like something, and I VERY much like this wine.

Warning: I could easily have finished a bottle of this wine by myself. At 13.5% it’s light, tasty, and is very enjoyable to drink.

It’s a playful, non-serious white wine, and if the price is reasonable (I figure around $15 a bottle), I’m in for 3!

We here at the winery like this wine well chilled, it is a nice summer sit by the pool wine. We also love this with tagliatelle con i funghi di bosco,
wild mushrooms · porcini mushrooms · garlic & shallot soffritto
parsley · cream · parmigiano reggiano, our owners are Italian and all of our wines are made for the dinner table!

So glad you like the wine! It is a great deal for a Napa Valley white.

Sure, I have been in the wine industry for about 8 years. I handle Direct to Consumer for Ca’ Momi. We
are owned and operated by 3 Italians from Veneto Italy. They are completely inspired by their Italian heritage. 2 of them grew up making wine on their families vineyards/farms, came to California and started making wine in 2006. We also own 2 restaurants in Napa, and our one of our winemakers (we have 2) Dario di Conti is a certified VPN and APN pizzaiolo, and that means certified by the Verace Pizza Napoletana association an organization that certifies the authenticity of Pizza Napoletana. Our third owner Valentina Guolo-Migotto is our Un-Chef and Chief Evolutionary Officer. We believe in having fun with wine, that food and wine is an everyday celebration of life – without pretension and on any occasion.

This wine is fermented in stainless steel to keep the wine fresh and bright.

Sorry, the vineyards: we own 3 vineyards in Napa, 2 in Carneros and also 1 in Atlas Peak. We also source fruit from our Napa neighbors.

5th time still not a charm. Does anything ship to AZ anymore? With this heat we are in desperate need of refreshments!

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