Cafe Valencia 2-Cup Coffee Maker

Please don’t double fist me. I didn’t do anything wrong!

In for one, i have a coffee maker, but I never need an entire pot, and these have cups included, sorta nice.

if it had a timer, i’d be in

In for 1. I’m so tired of making a full pot of coffee to have one cup. Always end up wasting some or not having enough.

I dig this -

but that’s becuase i just got one for fathers day. i have used it twice and I have to say it’s AWESOME.

BUT… I liked my brand new Hawain shirt even better.

Cause it’s Cool like that.

I don’t drink coffee but my parents do every morninmg. in fo 3

19.99 with FREE shipping on

I could use those cups… so close to being worth it.

It’s really only about a $5 savings from other outlets. But hey, if you need coffee you need a maker.

Is the main page of woot not working for anyone else?

I picked one of these off from sellout. It’s a pretty good design and the two removable filters are also the right size to use for camping (just place filter over a cup and pour).

Plus, the water filter is a nice bonus

Does this run on USB?

Wooted, now I can brew 2 on the go cups for myself for the morning commute.

alive again!

Nice! Perfect gift for my dad who’s always taking a drink in a thermos to work.

in for 1

fists + coffee mugs = not happy

What–no blender?

I bought this a couple of weeks ago. It is not the best coffee maker out there…but it works quite nice. Perfect for those that just want the occasional cup of coffee. It looks great in my office. Thanks Woot…I already have one…so lets move on. :slight_smile:

coffee kills brain cells. Buy 3.