California Umbrella 9-ft Tilt Umbrellas & Base

California Umbrella 9-ft Tilt Umbrellas & Base

This item is listed as umbrella “AND” base but when you read product info it’s “OR”-Can you please correct if an error or do you get both the umbrella and stand?

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Thank you. I fixed the short title to say “or”.

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Will you please help me?
I ordered 2 Pacific Blue umbrellas and 2 bases. Unfortunately, I received 2 orange :tangerine:umbrellas yesterday. I checked yesterday and the pacific blue was still available. So, I emailed customer support and asked send me 2 pacific blue umbrellas. They responded today and said there are no more blue umbrellas available.
I just checked and the pacific blue umbrellas are still available.
I don’t want a refund.
I don’t want the orange umbrellas at a discounted rate.
I want the pacific blue umbrellas I ordered.
Please help if you can.

Crap. Let me get in touch with the tools team and CS. It’ll be Monday most likely.

Thank you very much for looking into this.

Lol at crap… You should have heard me… I used worse words… lol

Hi @ThunderThighs

The other day we decided we wanted 4 umbrellas. So, I ordered 2 more blue umbrellas.

Everything was 10% off yesterday. So, I ordered 2 blue :blue_heart: umbrellas :closed_umbrella:. Figuring, I’d just return the 2 orange :tangerine:umbrellas.

Then I realized I was going to have 4 umbrellas and only 2 bases. So, I tried to order 2 more bases.
That’s when the app told me there is a limit of 5 items.


I understand the need for limits. But might I suggest that when 2 individual items are useless until they are combined, that the limit be an even # say 6 instead of an odd # like 5.
I’m rambling …

But now what do I do?
I’ve got 2 orange :tangerine:umbrellas :closed_umbrella: I don’t want.
4 blue :blue_heart: umbrellas on order.
I have 2 bases.
I only have 1 base on order.

Is there any way I can return both orange :tangerine:umbrellas :closed_umbrella: and get 1 base?
Otherwise, I will have to return 1 blue :blue_heart: umbrella :closed_umbrella:.


This got messed up…

I fear you’re going to have 4 orange umbrellas. I’ve upped the limit to 6 so you can get the extra base you want. But don’t order any more umbrellas for a bit until we sort this out. We’ve sold out the blue as a precaution.

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Hi @ThunderThighs

Thank you very much for helping with this!

I’ve ordered the 4th base!

I will not order any more umbrellas

I hope I don’t end up with 4 orange umbrellas :tangerine::parasol_on_ground:
Orange :tangerine: does not match our decor at all.
The lime green, natural, or even navy blue will.
Thanks again.
Sorry for messing this up more than it was…

The only picture that is even labeled with the color name is Lime Green, which is one of the two most obvious ones. Is Antique Beige the 3rd, 5th, or 9th photo? Which is Natural?

Or is it all another sick game, and they ship you Orange regardless?


It’s also amazing that each time the base is listed that the dimensions don’t add up for it’s size.

I don’t know why it bothers me but it just does.

I received 2 blue umbrellas :blue_heart: :open_umbrella: today!
I opened 1 and put it in the base.
I can easily crank it open!

The orange umbrellas :tangerine: :open_umbrella: I received when I ordered blue :blue_heart: with a crank did not have the crank and were challenging for me to open because I’m short.

The base and pole of the umbrellas are both bronze dimple. So, they make a great set!

The base arrived with the concrete already in it. I was able to move the base by myself. :grinning:


A great way to get back at Woot for the BOC login shenanigans would be (for Prime members) to order bases and return them, making them pay shipping both directions.

@BeachApple I think TT is out of the office for the next few weeks, so if you don’t get a response from her that is why

Just curious, did you get 4 blue umbrellas yet? Out of curiosity, are you using the umbrellas independent of tables?

Edit: just saw you were in FL, which makes far more sense than what I was thinking

Thanks for letting me know TT is out of office.

I’ve received 2 blue umbrellas :blue_heart: :open_umbrella: so far.
I’m using them independent of a table.
We’re trying to shade the pool while we swim to minimize sun exposure.

I’ve received 3 bases so far.
The bases match the poles of the umbrellas. So, they look like 1 umbrella.

They are easy to crank open / close.

It was quite windy 1 day and the umbrella stayed upright.

That is a great idea! I am envious: Nice weather and swimming Meanwhile in IL we are expecting ugly weather tomorrow and Monday, snow, ice yah Midwest!

If the person still has the orange ones I’ll take 1 please