We are launching a ‘Not Safe For Families’ thanksgiving sale on 11/7 and we need artwork! Please submit by 11/2 and mark your submissions “NSFF”! This is gonna be a fun one…but like the ‘Nearly NSFW’ we need to keep it PG-13. No bad words, no nudity, you know the drill.

You can submit through the regular submission portal, link below!


Use @acraigl’s turkey shirt as an example. :smiley:


I’m not allowed to wear that one.


Come to my house this year.


Everyone has frostbitten hand turkeys?


Thanksgiving themed? Or generic NSFF topics?


I don’t see anything outlawing Politics. I assume that this is just an oversite and any sort of funny or lighthearted theme that touches on politics is still considered by woot to be far worse than a turkey giving the bird. If that is not the case, prepare for some NSFF stuff. :slight_smile:


I think I’ll buy one and I’ll wear it for you. It’s right up my ally.


Politics are not outlawed here, but we do ask you keep it generic, not specifying a party or person…since politics in general is a pretty NSFF holiday table talk topic…


I’ll make sure catpics are handy.