Calphalon Kitchen Essentials Bamboo Cutting Board by Calphalon

Got mine fast! I know it’s going to get cut up, marked up, stained, etc because it’s a cutting board! Buuut… I did receive mine with noticeable scuff scratches, not cut marks but as if stuff was on top of the board and moved around causing scratches. Also, it just comes with a small cardboard tag, the majority of the board is exposed, not protected in a box. Like if this was at a retail store and you could physically pick the one that looks the best, this is the one that would be leftover from no one picking. Oh well, I just like to have new looking stuff when it’s new, call me picky. Other than that it is a great quality board especially for the price. Get it while you can!

It’s not bad sanding marks?
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