Camp Chef Flat Top Grill

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Camp Chef Flat Top Grill
Price: $309.99
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BTW, why can’t this be on sale Tuesday??? I want this sooooooo bad!!

I always thought woot sold things at a great discount but more and more often I find better pricing elsewhere. Here ya go with free shipping.

[MOD EDIT: Sportingoodstore offer has no warranty listed, the website has reported issues:]

300+ Bucks? PASS

Is it just me or is there a gnome-ish face hovering over the tools and garden section tab on top? Whatever it is, it’s cute. Always enjoy shopping with y’all. I wish I grilled more I’d get this. Next time for sure ill keep an eye out.

For $314.99 after shipping, iI’ll sticK to my XL griddle and genny :slight_smile:

300+ and no cast iron grill plates. Pass

It’s supposed to be a dinosaur face - a triceratops I guess - see how there’s a horn between the eyes? So those sort of white brow-like things OVER the eyes are also horns. “End of the Ice Age,” eh? Get it?

No lid? That seems like it would waste a tremendous amount of heat.


Wow, none of those 24 pancakes being cooked at once touched any of the others when being poured or turned. Amazing!

Unless of course someone just arranged 24 frozen pancakes on there. Which seems likely considering that the knobs show the grill is turned off.

or . . . put a cookie sheet on your existing grill - you will save $310, and not have a seldom-used eyesore cluttering up your patio or backyard.

To the many comments about being pricey, for $89+ more you can buy (regular price) a grill with twice the number of burners (8) and surface area, 116,000 BTUs total, a splash/wind guard and two gas tanks. I actually bought it on sale three years ago for less than listed and I love it. When it’s only a few of us, I just fire the burners I need. Or do an entire meal. So basically the one on sale here today is literally half the grill for 3/4 the price.

When needed it comes apart modularly (snaps on/off, legs fold) but I just leave it setup year round (cover included) - got it at Sam’s Club

This is what it looks like$img_size_380x380$

Well the sams club one is a grill, however this one is a griddle and a grill, so half of the product might be inaccurate.

Haha! Yea…“spontaneous combustion” also must have cooked those burgers and chicken!

how reputable do you think this site is? I just talked to the manufacturer and these are not a known retailer of their product. not sure where they’re getting it.

Warning! These grills are NOT COMPATIBLE with the pizza ovens shown on the manufacturer website! I ordered them SPECIFICALLY with this in mind. I have recieved my grills and used them once, now am trying to order the pizza ovens from the manufacturer and they’re telling me that the FTG600 is not compatible. I am so upset right now, it’s not funny. I paid $676 to buy two of these grills, only to find out that they won’t do what it seemed like it would.