Canon HV20 High Definition Camcorder

Don’t need one.

Wow that was fast.

Good night woot you cruel ass hole

it killed the last wootoff… will kill this one too… bedtime

damn if my wife wouldn’t kill me for it would buy this right now…GREAT price. those things run 800 - 1200 bucks at the store.

people still use video tapes? isn’t that a bit like writing checks for your groceries?

Nice! Now this is more like it, Woot!

fucking bullshit

farc sake

… is this a joke…

wheres my lights?


is it wireless?

where’d the hp go? figures I’d leave the site to read the news for a few minutes after staring at that… thing… for a good 20 mins and it’d be gone when i looked back, along with a watch. Bah.

Wow! 3rd item in the last 30 minutes… Must…get…more…coffee…

Similar prices:

DAMMIT if only I had $500 more! I’ve wanted this camcorder forever!!

500 on ebay new