Canton & Hall Daytripper Watch

Canton & Hall Daytripper Watch

Hard to find any reviews. Found on Amazon for $99.99 so this seems like a good deal. But a much better deal (though smaller selection) can be found on ebay at $14.99. Looks like a nice watch, and if ebay doesn’t have the style you want, the deal here is good.

I’m a firm believer of you get what you pay for so I would question the quality of this watch. If it’s poor paying a price of $15 is a lot easier than what they’re asking for here on Woot!

Does anyone know what kind of latch the mesh band has on the Gold/Mesh version?

WTF: QUOTE: Engraved map on case back
Map to what? My house? Best local TapRoom? CIA safe house? Buried Treasure?

I agree w the adage but this is a quartz watch and it’s hardly ground breaking. And remember that woot is a overstock discount site.

Found this on another site. Still no idea.



The company name is Canton & Hall.
From their Facebook page: founded in downtown dallas, our headquarters sits at the intersection of canton and hall.
Sooo… map of Canton & Hall Streets in Dallas, TX?
Don’t ask me why their Facebook banner is a map of San Antonio though. I guess they were just lazy.


Well, I bought one - I’ll post a quick review here when it arrives. Maybe they’ll be back some day.

And here’s my review. I’ve had the watch for a week now, and so far it’s keeping perfect time. It looks great as well - I’m very pleased with my purchase. For the price, I can’t level any complaints against it.

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