Capresso Café Espresso Machine

Let me start by saying, I’ve never owned this machine.

I have owned a cheap espresso machine, then a mildly more expensive one, and now I am looking at a setup that will run me over $1000. If you like coffee, don’t buy a cheap machine and expect to get great results. If you drink coffee and can’t taste the difference between Folgers and small batch roasts, this machine will probably suit you.

Good price…$130 on Amazon

But the reviews indicate it’s not very durable.

At nearly half the price… what can you expect?

We have a previous (very different) model from this same manufacturer (Capresso 114 -, and it’s fantastic. My girlfriend is a former barista, and she loves it.

That one had 18-bar pressure, and this one has only 16, and that makes a difference. But FYI for anyone looking to get off Starbucks’ teat.

Here’s the instruction manual if you’re interested…

I own this machine and consider myself a coffee snob. It makes EXCELLENT espresso. I’m certain that for more money you could get more bells and whistles, but this does a really great job!

Espresso? I want coffee!

Absolutely, I am still using the Saeco Sirena… I am thinking about getting a Rocket…