Carlson Easy Close Pet Gate

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Carlson Easy Close Pet Gate
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At the mothership…$38.34

Carlson 0930PW Extra-Wide Walk-Thru Gate with Pet Door, White

[MOD: Not the same gate.]

We got one of these from a Woot-off around a year ago. We loved it so much that we bought a second one when it came available later. The black iron and the darker wood fits in with our decor much better than the typical white baby gate does.

In both bases, we’re using the extensions on both sides to make it fit the bottom of our staircase and the large entryway headed to one corner of our house.

Now that I look closer, ours is the same brand, but ours doesn’t have the pet gate part.

Can this be used as a baby gate as well?

Yes, indeed. First para of features:

This gate is PVC free and has been certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). It also meets the safety standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Is says the gate extends to 44" and then it says: “This gate includes a 4 and 6 wide extension kits”…does that mean it extends to 6 foot? Or is it saying its a 6" extension?

I like the “PET DOOR” at the bottom. Nice feature.

I’m guessing it’s those small extensions-- 4" and 6".

What’s not clear is whether that 44" is the TOTAL distance it will extend, or if it’s 44" plus 4" plus another 6"…

I also can’t tell if the extensions amount to 10" (6+4), or if it’s 4" plus another 2", making a total of 6 extra inches.

(is the total length, with extensions, 44", 50", or 54"?)

44" total

Oh and when you get it you will think it is bent, That is the design of it the bend is to provide tension at the screw posts.


We incorrectly stated that the gate was 36" tall.
It is actually 31" tall.

We’ve updated the sale to reflect this.

We apologize for this error.

Could I buy two and apply the additional extensions to the first to make this fit a wider opening?

Apart from the color, what’s different?

You can actually just buy the extensions. I know the ones for the white gate are for sale on Amazon - some of the extensions are much much larger as well.

How big is the pet opening? And is the door sturdy? Our cat has barged through other locked pet doors…

We don’t care for these gates. They are hard to open and the opening is skinny.

I wouldn’t suggest putting two extensions on the same side, but I bet you could put a 6" on each side.

How wide is the opening when the human part of the gate is open?

The gate will fit between a 30" to 34"
you can then add the 4" and 6" to go up to 44"

The human part is 16"