Carty Favors

What size is dem shoes?

EDIT: 7.5 not sure how I missed it.

Note about the sandals, they run SMALL, very small in fact. I wear a 41 vibram very comfortably, measured my foot and I measure in at 10 1/2 on left, 10 3/4 on right, so logic would dictate I needed a size 9 Decimal (10 3/4"), but thankfully woot was sold out of them when I ordered. They were also sold out of the size 10 (11 1/8") so I went ahead and got a size 11 (11 1/2"). I’m so glad it worked out, the size 11’s fit me perfectly with about 1/4" on front and back of foot. You don’t want your foot to be the same size as the sandal, but it seems like that’s what the sizing chart suggested.

Otherwise, I like them a lot, they are very comfortable sandals. More comfortable than the $5 ones I was used to from Old Navy for so many years, and just slightly less comfortable than my old Reef Visions (but those are $60+). I also really like the grip, very similar to athletic shoes, even in wet environments.

So, make sure you buy at least 1 size up from what the chart suggests.

When are you going to start shipping - TheraPearl Hot/Cold Multi-Pack - Contour Pack, Knee Wrap and Two Shin Wraps???

Most likely tomorrow.

If you don’t see any tracking/activity on your purchases, please email into and let them know.

Tomorrow was four days ago. Still nothing. How about an update? Support just sent a canned response on the 23rd saying you guys are slow but know about it and it “should” be soon.

You know; woot used to be somewhat reliable. Go****d knows I’ve defended you against many nay-sayers, but if this is TOO MUCH A HASSLE FOR YOU…

This was sold out? Where is the other people that bought this and want their stuff? I am seeing conspiracy theory ROGE!

Day 15 and COUNTING…

I’m really sorry. I’ve escalated your info; you should hear something shortly.

Well I was right = conspiracy theory

woot claims this wasn’t shipped because it was out of stock (funny as I was HOURS before it sold out so my order number was near the front of t****he line.

Got my refund but that really wasn’t the point. I think woot should come to my house and massage me whenever I want! (but not Roge…no offense, just want cheerleaders, in their 30’s and NFL variety). Peace

Bummer what a let down

Thank you for taking the time to email us. We appreciate your concerns as well as your business.

I am so sorry about this. We had some issues with these knives. Unfortunately we are not going to be able to get them out to you. I have gone ahead and issued a full refund. This should show in your original payment method in the next couple of business days.

Woot Member Services,