Casio Men's Tactical Rangeman G-Shock Watch

Casio Men's Tactical Rangeman G-Shock Watch

Always wanted one of these. Anyone have any pro/cons from personal experience.

@bsmith1 Any particular reason you are laughing at my post?

@bsmith1 If you have something to say you should just say it. Stop trolling with your laughs and snarky comments. Move along.

Has anyone owned one of these and can provide their opinion?

I have one. I bought it for camping, hunting and range time. Haven’t used it yet since everything is so expensive; fuel and ammo. It has some cool features like sunrise and sunset times but I’m sure I’ve only scratched the surface. One of these days I’ll take some time and check it out more completely. I bought mine when it was over $300 so this seems like a better deal than what I got. I think the guy on Kentucky Ballistics wears a desert colored one, maybe he’s done a review. Sorry I can’t be more help, I usually just grab one of my Seiko automatics when I do stuff.

Thanks for the reply. I may make this a Christmas gift to myself.

Yep. It’s still expensive. Hard to justify much range time with the prices. I have a Carcano rifle from 1894 (1896?) and rounds were $1.50/$1.60 or so when I last bought some. It’s painful breaking that one out for target practice.

Yeah, I opened up a ammo can a while back that had packs of Federal HST LE rounds in .45, 9mm, and .357 Sig. I looked them up to see how much to get more and I was floored at how much money I had in a can I forgot about.

I think this is the same watch but just a different color. Can anyone confirm? Plus it’s a few bucks less and with free shipping. I don’t have prime.

Same with this one. Same watch different color…maybe?

I’m not an expert but here is a link to the product page so you can compare the models:

It has the 1B so you can cross reference. It looks like they are the same but with a different display.

Here is the cross reference page:

Thanks for the comparison link.