Cassette Taps

Friends Link: to purchase this design from tomorrow for $15.

should say “tapes”

I don’t really like the colors of the design, although I do like the black shirt.

got mine!

Very cool – if I was more into music I’d buy this shirt. As is, I’m not sure if I’d wear it everyday, but hopefully other folks will and this will sell out.

Very cool design. I like the colors too. Ah see wut u did thar…

Not bad at all. But why 2007? The tape’s been dead for a while.

mine! 2 of them, to be exact! wo0t!

Wow, this shirt makes me feel really old. pass.

awesome shirt, instant buy!

will wear this while DJing for sure

I expect to see this same type of shirt in a few years with the CD and DVD on it instead of the tape.

Perhaps it’s a play on words, since it says R.I.P. perhaps it is a reference to the song taps that is played in honor of the fallen (read: dead).

I love tapes but not sure about this one woot. Your mediocracy wins again

I love it!! I’m in for 1.

love it! in for one

If it were just the tape I’d be interested. I like the shirt, but can’t quite tempt my money out this time. Love the idea though.

Maybe do a graveyard with all the other dead medias? That I’d buy.

please woot, please, have some lighter colored t’s, this is like the 4thousand’th black shirt you guys have made

What makes cassettes more dead in 2007 than they were in 1997?

I think it shoulda said “MIX TAPE”, or at least an earlier date.

I’m guessing the pansy French numbering is akin to the Cannes Film Festival award scrambled eggs below it?