Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic

Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic
$39.99 $55.00 27% off List Price
Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic, 250ml bottle

The coveted balsamic!! I can’t wait to see how fast it sells out. Good stuff.

Balsamic here and Candy Basket over on Home…Looks like a yummy day!! :slight_smile:

I managed to hold out for all of 4 minutes…

What is with the Amazon payment only?

Last time this was offered I purchased one - it was a financial splurge but as I learned with first wee taste sooooo worth the buy. I use it sparingly (you don’t need a lot) and on a variety of foods from savory to sweet. MMMMmmm tasty!!

Nirvana in a bottle.
Expensive? Yes.
…and worth it.

Christmas in October?

This is worth every penny!

I sure am glad that I checked out Woot tonight instead of tomorrow. This product is expensive but very good.

If I didn’t have two bottles in reserve I’d definitely be in for this! Delicious on ice cream, with strawberries, or even just out of a spoon.
Will you guys be offering one of the other bottles for a few lucky fans as you have in the past? We’re almost out of the Oro Nero.

A proper introduction as to what GOOD Balsamic can be. Yes, there’s better, but the price goes WAY up.

This will be sold out by morning. I’ve had it before and it is fantastic. Paired with a good Parmesan and you will be in heaven.

Got this on before.

Totally worth it.

In for one.

I’ve neglected to bite the last couple times this was on and regretted it in both instances.

Not now, in for 1!

Had it before…been waiting a very long time for it to come up again…had a friend buy 3 for me and I bought 3…6 bottles!!! No more worries for somewhere near 3-5 years…a little goes a LONG LONG way! Yaaaaaaaaahoooo! Thanks Woot…although I HATE you went Amazon…sigh

This stuff is awesome. So glad I stocked up on it in a previous offering when it was $35 per bottle with $5 total shipping even if you bought multiple bottles. Hate the new way of charging $5 shipping per item.

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I bought it before and my ship was screwed up {Not really Woots fault.} and it went to my sister. She offered to send it back, but that seemed mean, so I told her to enjoy.

Wondering if I am I even meant to have it ?

What the? We can only pay with Amazon Payments suddenly? That’s awful!

Last time I purchased this in Sept. 2013 it was $39.99 per bottle plus $5 shipping for the order. So this is actually cheaper at $39.99 shipped per bottle.

Hasn’t been $35 for almost 2 years. Looks like it has been $39.99 since the 11/29/12 offer.
Now you pay $5 LESS if you buy three.