Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic

Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic

So good. I’ve bought 3 over the years. Usually end up going through the majority of it by drizzling it directly on my tongue.

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I use it to replace the sherry vinegar in Alton Brown’s sardines and avocado toast recipe. Also great with vanilla ice cream and strawberries.

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I love this stuff. Good Parmesan and this is an experience like no other.

I was a fine dining restaurant manager for 30 years and this is the best balsamic vinegar!! Have been waiting for you to bring it back. Purchase it every year from Woot, this year I bought 2 bottles, hope it lasts

NAS? Why? Does this pour like cold chocolate syrup like it is supposed to? I’m doubting it since there is no age statement.

I am looking at buying 1 with the idea for a Christmas gift. The listing states there is an expedited shipping for just that but I dont see that option when checking out. Is it available or no?

This is an I.G.P., not a true Modena balsamic but it’s very good. We’ve bought several.

Our vendor is upgrading shipping to make sure it arrives by Christmas.

Interestingly, two of the product photos for this offer carry the I.G.P. designation, while two of them do not.

In any case, this is fortuitous timing as I opened the last of my bottles this past weekend… In for 2!

So should I wait to order or will all orders make it into this shipping upgrade?

Also, is there some reason i can’t add it to cart and buy it with something else I’m getting from woot? It seems to just go straight to purchase and doesn’t show the other item in my cart.


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My guess would be that it is offered through the gourmet category (sold by Wine Country Connect, LLC – kind of a 3rd party vendor thing) and uses its own shopping cart that includes standard shipping in the purchase price.

The gourmet site is different that our other sites. As mentioned above, Wine Country Connect sources the deals for this site. The funds go directly to the manufacturer or to WWC as their representative. A bit of a leftover thing from when this was a wine site.

Ok thanks. Was also asking about the shipping situation (if I should wait or not) but I just ordered anyway, hoping it makes it by Christmas. I figure orders will grandfathered into the upgraded shipping?

That note has been there since the sale launched at midnight. It means that WCC is upgrading shipping to make sure they arrive by Christmas.

Update: We changed the wording to “Will Arrive by Christmas” to remove confusion.

It is very viscous. I’ve probably purchased 10 of these over a period for many years and it’s really good stuff.

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It’s quite thick and slow to pour.

Not sure what NAS is, but this not not being sold as aged balsamic. I know the company, and hage bought quite a few products over the years, and visited in Modena. You could buy aged (at least 25 years to be significant) from them, or Amazon.