Cedar Key Rainwear

Come on WOOT, sizing matters! After a long hard search i was able to glean this from a bad image off ebay


Very impressed with the weight (1200 grams, 2.64 pounds) and quality of the bib rain pants. They arrived a mere five days after ordering and were very well packed. I thought it would be a small item in a padded envelope, but it was in a big cardboard box and had its own mesh storage bag with two cord locks.

Glad to have ordered the medium size, since it was slightly large for me. The cuffs will have to be rolled up a little. I walked around indoors for a while and stayed cool and comfortable.

Great deal for rain gear with reinforced areas. It seems like three times the quality of the typical big box retail product. I expect it to last a long time.

Thank you, Woot!

April 18, 2014: First test. The rain beaded up beautifully on the material. I stayed cool while bike riding and struggling upwind. The bib allowed me to open a rain jacket (different brand) and cool down while staying dry as the rain tapered off. The product is excellent. The suspender straps are perfect for hanging it up to dry around a shower rod.

Very disappointed in the rainwear jacket. Sizing is way off–ordered a Medium for my son and it is more of an XXL. No returns? Last clothing item I buy from Woot.