Celsius HEAT Energy Drink, Orangesicle

Celsius HEAT Energy Drink, Orangesicle


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to be fair, their budget was cut a bit to pay off Flo Rida


Good enough for Flo Rida is good enough for me! In for tree fiddy.

Flo Rida commenting on his jury award - literally did this
Contract law attorneys had a pretty sweet payday as well

In addition to the $82.6 M punitive award, he now owns 1% of the company - as was stipulated in his contract.

Celius might be pronounced, “Silly us.”

Someone must have fixed it. :slight_smile:

These things taste like french toast dipped in shit. No discount is enough to make them a good buy.

I want to know how you know what that tastes like. :rofl:

Look I know the quality of Nutella has come down over the years but this is still a low blow.

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