CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper 380 Bundle

CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper 380 Bundle

With a name like “tormenter” it’s got to be ethical.

Too bad the rebate period is over

Robin Hood used a longbow, not a crossbow. William Tell used a crossbow.

Hey people spend your money however you want, but I just don’t get people’s fascination with cross bows. Except for a very small minority of the population, (handicapped hunters) they can’t be used during bow only season at least in every state that I’ve ever hunted in and during gun season why use a vastly inferior tool. I assume they are legal to use for killing vermin but again a firearm is a lot more effective. Other than novelty I just don’t get it. It’s the equivalent of using a biplane to fly from LA to New York.

I would imagine ‘ease of use’ over having to learn bow.

New York has a season that runs concurrently with its muzzleloader season… crossbows are quiet which is appreciated by lawmakers, landowners and fellow outdoorsmen.

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In Louisiana it treated the same as a bow.

Legal Gear for Archery Season includes:
Traditional bow, compound bow, crossbow, or any bow drawn, held or
released by mechanical means.

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In PA they are 100% legal in bow hunting season now, years ago it was handicapped only.

Where I live, the houses are too close for guns to be used (250yd from a dwelling) but bows only require 1/3 of the distance (250ft) so I can hunt on my property legally. My wife has a pink cross bow already & I’m thinking of getting this so we can go hunting together.


What about for home defense?

Is this the model number AXCTW185CK?

bad for the crossbow to store it cocked, so for home defense you would have to cxck it before investigating that noise. Then you can’t dry fire it when you realize that noise was the ice maker so you have to shoot the bolt into something. I got the last crossbow they had for sale, target shooting it into a bow target of my sons, takes me 15 minutes to get the bolt out due to penetration. I’m thinking if I shot a burglar unless I hit bone it would be a few minutes before he realized a bolt had passed though him. I guess if I got broadhead bolts it would stick more :slight_smile:

My ~70year old father uses one when he goes hunting here in Texas. The laws changed several years ago allowing crossbow use in bow season which worked out for him as he had shoulder replacement surgery on both arms and can no longer draw back on a compound bow. Now he just snaps on a cocking device and cranks the string back before loading a bolt.

Crossbows may not be for everyone but it’s useful for people with disabilities who just want to carry on with their hobbies. In this case my dad basically only retired so he could go hunting more often.

I picked up a crossbow here at woot during Christmas season.
It’s a lot of fun to shoot, and it shoots nuts-on.
When using a rest at 25 yards, I can easily get 5 shots in a 5" circle.
It’s really just something different to shoot and this shoots extremely accurately.
I suppose if coyotes attack my chicken pen again I could use this, but I’ll still probably use a rifle.

That is exactly my point your father is in the minority, he can use it during bow only season.