Centon USB 3.0 Datastick Pro

Centon USB 3.0 Datastick Pro

Last time for 512 - ordered 2 they came as the Datastick Sport usb 3 (in theory a plus - more expensive and brand new to market)
They are the slowest usb 3 sticks I’ve used and slower than most usb 2.
So far they haven’t died (thing I was worried most about centon)

and yes I’ve tried formatting and changing allocation
and I’ve tried on dozens of computers - they actually have worked faster for me in a usb 2 port.

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Ordered one 512gb last time and while it’s no speed demon, it has given me no problems.

I made the usb stick bootable and use it as part of my daily backup routine. My Acronis software automatically saves the C drive to the stick each day at 4am. So far, the 1tb capacity has held almost a months worth of daily incremental backups - no errors and no failures.

This is a very good price for a usb stick of this size. If you have a use that does not require blazing speed, it will work well.

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Got the 512 USB-3 sport end it’s one of the fastest thumb drives I’ve used.

We use to hand this brand out to students. And, we use to get MANY returned for not working or failing. This was 3 years ago so I’m sure (hope) they have a better quality control system. IMO, if you are going to load one of these up, by two or three and back up your stick to another stick. Bottom line, even my samsungs and SanDisks that are in the 256 and 512 rang have a twin. Cheers. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wouldn’t mind some clarity here.
For example formatted exfat 128Kb to copy 1.7GB file to the drive takes me 3min 24sec
To copy the same exact file from the usb takes 1min 21sec.
to a samsung 970 pro

exact same file takes 36sec to copy to and 7sec from decent quality samsung usb 3 formatted same exfat 128

Oh yeah. Always good to share some tips and knowledge. For sure I wouldn’t use it as a backup drive.