Cereal Mate Non-Soggy Cereal Bowl

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Cereal Mate Non-Soggy Cereal Bowl
$7.99 + $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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It’s come to this. . .

This is either brilliant or completely idiotic. I can’t decide which.

I mean seriously. . .

Are we so slovenly?

Wow! I haven’t been here in a while but it looks like commenting on Woot has lost its appeal… sweet Bundles of Candy

Yes, of course we are.

This just proves that some people will buy anything. I for one like my cereal soggy.

note to photographer: adjust white balance

Me too

What’s the use case for this item? I suppose not Grape Nuts or Kashi Crunch

To say I’m incredulous toward this product is a slight understatement.

On second thought, it might be good for the cat. . .

Then again, I’m reading it wrong: is it the bowl that’s getting non-soggy here?

Wasn’t this on the shark tank?

The designer of this thing should be relegated back to first grade.

You could use it to count your pills too.

Cool item? Maybe. Cool price? At $12 shipped, no, not cool at all. Woot what happened to you? Nearly everything has been way overpriced or just plain expensive in general.

This has to be the most pathetic Woot! ever.

When you include shipping that’s $12.99 for a cereal bowl???

that was my first thought, that kid from the real world or road rules or one of those stupid mtv shows invented it, hope he patented