ChargeHub 7-Port USB Universal Charging Station

Not too bad if you only have older devices that only need 1.2A from their chargers, however 2 tablets and a recent phone that require 2.4A will come close to maxing this thing out, leaving 4 ports open, or having your main devices under-powered if you actually have 7 devices attached.

So if you think this is great for you and the Mrs’ new galaxy phones, and charging each of your tablets, along with the kids’ tablets, it’ll likely work, but you’ll be waiting on a slow charge.

Thanks for your note. The ChargeHub provides power up to 2.4 amps per port, or 8.8 amps total output current within the 7 USB ports. If you are looking to share that maximum power draw per port, you are correct. For example, it would charge up to 7 iPhone 6 phones simultaneously, as they are approximately 1 amp each.

However, your other statements are incorrect. It is very rare that any device would be utilizing its maximum power, which would only happen if they were completed dead. Devices are plugged in at various charging percentages, that can be anywhere from 0.1 amp to 2.4 amps – and that higher amperage is typically only for tablets. So, in most cases, any variety of 7 USB devices can be powered by our ChargeHub at once.

Will this charge an Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch does charge with their new magnetic technology. However, the magnetic able needs to be plugged in to a power source via USB. We have not tested this particular, but it should charge with our ChargeHub.