Chef'sChoice 615A Electric Meat Slicer

Chef'sChoice 615A Electric Meat Slicer

I have and love this slicer. The only thing I’d recommend is change the blade out for a smooth blade instead of the serrated that comes with it

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We are getting ready to have a meat shortage and this product is the front liner on Woot today? Troll much?

A good slicer!
great for hot-pot meats, if you get the meat partially frozen you can slice it paper thin.
Now I’m using on sous-vide roast beef and it’s incredible.

This is not a big commercial slicer, blade is about 8" diam. it’s big so you need a place to store it, you can’t use it enough to dedicate this much space.
you basically have to disassemble to clean. it comes apart easily(with a quarter to remove blade) but it has some crevices that are tough to get at on the body itself.
good woot!

Perfectly normal thing to own
where does it go


Unless you want to do significant slicing and have storage space…

This slicer is also a "pain’ to clean…And after use…you need to clean it every time…

Not terrible…Just a lot of work…

My opinion…

We are vegetarian buying this for fruit dehydration… Not everyone is using this for meat.

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Would this be a good option for cutting home-aid bread?

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Indeed it is if you don’t mind taking the time. I use a similar slicer to cut my slices about 5/8 inch thick. Makes a holy mess, though, with crumbs.

That’s what I would like to avoid…Thanks.

But WHERE does the meat go?

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It slices bread (nice, fresh home-baked) and cheese - it’s not just for meat.

Maybe I got a bad one, I sliced to slices of gouda cheese and then the fuse went out. Replaced the fuse and midway through the 1st slice the fuse went out. RETURNING