Chef'sChoice Electric Knife Sharpener

Chef'sChoice Electric Knife Sharpener

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…please don’t tell me anyone’s tried to sharpen the serrated knife in the picture. :see_no_evil:

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I haven’t tried to sharpen one yet, but there are special instructions for how to do a serrated knife. I have a crummier serrated knife that I wouldn’t really care if it gets messed up, I’ll give it a shot eventually. This thing is fantastic for normal knives tho, I absolutely love it.

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I pulled the trigger, impulse buy. Thing works really good. I have been sharpening my knives for years but not as good as I should be by now. This machine did a fantastic job cutting new extremely sharp edges on my Henkles.
I have no complaints!


Chef’s Choice is by far the best knife sharpener I have ever used. We have good knives, Wusthof and Global. Having a good knife sharpener keeps them like new. You can sharpen cheap knives too, but best to go with a less pointed edge, the steel is not as strong and they chip easily.

Here is a really good article.

Not that anyone is going to read this old thread. :slight_smile: oh well.


I read it :slight_smile:

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I read it too. :slight_smile:

Be aware, there are many reviews that say that while this does sharpen knifes fantastically, it also scratches them up pretty bad. The top critical review even shows this. So if you have really nice Japanese Chef’s knifes you probably do not want to use this.

There were even reviewers that said that the actual manufacturer told them to use painters tape on their knifes to keep it from being scratched up. So this is a known issue they do not let people know about unless they contact them to ask.

In my opinion, a $210 MRSP knife sharpener should not be scratching knifes under any scenario.

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I saw it. :eyes:

Bought one. Also impulse buy and while I have the Wustorf sharpeners they…suck.

I used this on a large 12” knife last night and have to say the results are impressive. Crazy sharp and I still need to learn more. We have a full set of Wustof and two santoku add ons.

I have been concerned about the Japanese knives so I may try the “cheaper” one this weekend and see. The knives are 20 years old and while still in really good shape I am less concerned about a few scratches on the blade if they are razor sharp.

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@%…I see it on the Woot Prime Special, it doesn’t say sold-out, and I’m logged into Prime…there is no “buy” or “add to cart” option…WTH?

Try logging out of woot and then logging in using the Login with Amazon button.

Yep still not sold out but you do need to use the Login with Amazon button and log in with an Amazon account that has an active Prime subscription. If you log in with the Login with Woot section, it won’t work because we don’t know your Prime status if you log in that way. Let us know if you still have issues.

I’ve tried at least 50 times to order this sharpener and even called and emailed woot, all to no avail. there is no button to buy! think i"ll cancel this stupid woot site…

Hi there. It’s a special offer only available to customers that have Amazon Prime and log in using the Login with Amazon button.

If you have Amazon Prime, log out of woot.
Use the “Login with Amazon” button and log in using your Amazon login/password.

That should get you to where you can buy the sharpener.

Sorry it’s so complicated. :\

Got one last time it was here. I am extremely impressed. I’ve been using a Lansky jig and stones for a while with mixed results. Sometimes scary sharp, sometimes not so much. I tried bench stones, but haven’t gotten the skill down yet. This machine gets all my knives scary sharp very quickly. Warn other family members before you go and sharpen the knives or someone will get hurt. I did notice some knives did get scuff marks. I’m not sure if it my technique caused it. I suspect so.

I am having a hard time getting the very tip of the knife as sharp as the rest of the blade. If anyone has a suggestion, I would greatly appreciate it.

After much frustration, WOOT advised me that I have to enable third party cookies on my browser (Chrome) for Prime logins on WOOT. It worked. The add to cart button came up as did my shipping address and payment info (all of which were missing before).

I’m sorry to hear about all the frustrations, but I’m glad you’re able to access the sale now. Thank you for letting us know.

I was reluctant because I have so many knife sharpeners that don’t work. I pulled the trigger on this and my knives have never been so sharp. Very happy with this purchase.


I buy high end japanese knives, Kurosake’s, Masakage’s, Hinoura’s…I have an assortment of wetstones and an edge pro. This machine turns out a VERY good edge in minutes vs half an hour of sharpening with stones(plus set up). you can finish one knife instead of waiting a few weeks until you have several to do. With a loupe you can see wheel marks sometimes…but I would much rather have these all-but-invisible marks on a SHARP knife than waste an afternoon pursuing perfection on a knife long overdue for sharpening.
if you’re a wet-stone snob, give this a try.