Chicago Cutlery

The feedback on knives is usually pretty good, although I’m pretty wary of knives in general.

(…It all goes back to a fateful Thanksgiving dinner in which I was trying to assist in the kitchen and sliced up my thumb pretty good.)

Still, I know you all will have some great input and lots of questions, so have at it!

I have the Chicago Cutlery Insignia set in steel (actually currently on sale for $64.99 on the company’s website: and I absolutely love the knives. They get some pretty heavy use but stay sharp for quite a while, and resharpen easily as needed. Would definitely recommend the Chicago Cutlery line.

anybody know where these knives are manufactured?

More than likely they’re made in China is they’re that cheap. There are only a few brands that still make their knives in Germany, Japan and the USA. Even the top knife makers in the world, like Wusthof have lines that are made in China. The “Gourmet” line, for instance, is made in China, but the Classic, GP2, Ikon and the new Precision line are all still made in Germany.

Uh, call me crazy, but the “Insignia” set shows a pair of shears in the picture, yet according to the specs, shears are not included in the set…

100% MADE in CHINA

You get what you pay for with these knives - Soft, cheap steal, made with cheap labor.

I have a new set of Chicago Cutlery knives that all have rust spots - you, stainless steel with rust spots.

Nobody knows how to manufacture “stainless” steel like the Chinese.

thanks for the information!