Chillers or Coffee Mugs 6pk -Your Choice

That reminds me, I got one of these blue gel ones with band in a BOC that I have yet to try out. It’s sturdy and the lid latches on securely. That’s about all I can offer for now.

I wish I could recommend the chillers, but I just can’t. They stay cold for a nice long time, and don’t leave a nasty plastic taste. They do seal quite securely and will only leak out the straw-hole when knocked over. We got these a year ago, and since then 3 of the 6 have cracked and leaked just from the freezing process. Another had the threading on the lid break off in the freezer. None of the cups have been used more than 10 times.

Cool Gear’s website

I bought these damn things about a month ago for double the price.

2 of the 6 have fallen apart… and NOW I see they’re half price?

I bought these a few months back and I only received one cup. Got a response from Woot saying they are working on the problem. Since then, I have seen these cups on sale twice and I still haven’t gotten mine! I read on boards others had the same problem but have you gotten your cups??

I’m sorry for the problem. I’ll put you on my afternoon report so they can look into it.

Hope it works out. The coffee mugs are great. We paid a little more for the 6 but they were worth it. Great for travel. Glad you posted, I’m sure one of the top Moderators will help you. We have items never received, wrote emails, items never arrived. We just got a new Amex to use for W00T and other shopping so we can complain to AMEX when W00T or another retailer doesn’t take action in a timely fashion, no more ATM Visa cards for W00T. They don’t handle things the way they use to.

Purchased these on July 1 and I have still not received them.

On July 16 I reported this to Woot and Rich in Customer Services told me to “relax” that it takes up to 8 business days to ship.

I haven’t heard back from them yet when I explained to them that 8 business days has long passed.

Sorry for the problem. I’ll add you to my afternoon report so CS can look into it.