Citronella Plants with 4" Pot & Soil

Here’s something I didn’t know…these are considered to be ineffective against mosquitoes. These do not actually contain citronella, only smell like citronella.

Sources cited:

I’ve heard 4" Pot is Str8 Fire!

I worked at a nursery for 7 years…we sold tons of citronella scented geraniums…they do work.

We put several small plants in a larger pot…they grow very quickly in the heat of the summer.

I always have a couple large pots of these on our deck, one near the door so that people will brush against it as they walk past…this is how the scent is released into the area.

I want to order the 8 pack but can’t select it.

Sorry. It is sold out.

I do think it is a bit misleading to call them Citronella Plants though. We’ve had some and I don’t believe they worked. True Citronella plants are grass like similar to lemon grass, just hard to find.

Citronella grass is pretty hard to find online too.
saw some here
(cymbopogon nardus)

And about $7.95 at Home Depot.

@ woot- when you say it comes with a pot, does it come with a ceramic pot like in the photo or are we just talking a plastic nursery pot? thanks!

These come in a thick black planting pot.

Has anyone gotten their plants yet? I ordered last Wendsday and still waiting to ship.

Poo about the black planting pot thing, thought aswell it would be in the ceramic pot as pictured.

There here! This is what I got…

One plant looks healthy-er then the other and both have yellowing leaves. Ok expected some days in a box may do that… packing slip says shipped on the 27th, and now just getting them on the 5th (yesterday). Surprised when they showed up. Woot never updated me that they were shipped. Still says preparing for shipment on my end.

After a few hours in the sun, the smaller plant is starting to wilt O.o and the bigger one looks great… Hopefully they will both grow up healthy and full.

Other thing is that when buying I expected a pot like the one in the sale photo. Not a thin, green pot thats ment to hold the plant from vender to customer to be replanted. To me this is the equivalent of a plastic bag the grocery store gives you to carry out your items.

Meh… first and maybe last time I’ll buy plants online.